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Direct Deposit Issue

Hey People,

Greetings! I am facing a kind of issue, not sure what the problem is but when I am trying to add direct deposit option, its not working and a giving a kind of error that they can not send the message to the given number. At first is sent couple of codes to my phone number to add the direct deposit method and when I used those codes, none of those work. After that, it starting giving me that error which I mentioned previously, in which they said that they can not send message etc. My phone is working fine, geeting calls and messages (except fiverr’s message), tried restarting it many times(if there is any connectivity issues) etc but the issue is same. I am coordinating with Fiverr’s support, looking forward to get a positive review. Meanwhile I would like to get some suggestions from other sellers. If anyone else is experiencing the same issue ? Please suggest what can I do that can be best for me. I am attaching the picture of error too.

Are you using the number keys above the keyboard, not the keypad - they don’t work?

Failing that, only CS can help I’m afraid. Good luck with it! :slight_smile:

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Hey Offlinehelpers, Thanks for your reply. I tried using both but none of them worked and then I am not getting this message.

Hi, I had this yesterday as well, I clicked the button to resend the code, nothing either, then I followed the ‘restart your phone bit’ (even though my phone seemed completely fine otherwise, had called someone to make sure as well), and after the restarting I got both codes at once :wink: Maybe worth a try.

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I tried restarting it, it stayed the same Miiila, Thank God I am not the only one with this issue.

Hi academicghost, I’ve faced this recently and do not know what to do , how did you solve that? … thanks