Direct Deposit Option Help


Hey People,

Greetings! I am facing a kind of issue, not sure what the problem is but when I am trying to add direct deposit option, its not working and a giving a kind of error that they can not send the message to the given number. At first is sent couple of codes to my phone number to add the direct deposit method and when I used those codes, none of those work. After that, it starting giving me that error which I mentioned previously, in which they said that they can not send message etc. My phone is working fine, getting calls and messages (except fiverr’s message), tried restarting it many times(if there is any connectivity issues) etc but the issue is same. I am coordinating with Fiverr’s support, looking forward to get a positive review. Meanwhile I would like to get some suggestions from other sellers. If anyone else is experiencing the same issue ? Please suggest what can I do that can be best for me. I am attaching the picture of error too.

Fiverr’s support says: “Could you please check with your provider as this appears to be a network error and is not effected by your account or the site. Unfortunately we can not assist you further until you are no longer receiving this message.”. My questions is, when I have my account already registered on the same number. Can’t fiverr just ignore that direct deposit option for me and could send me a link to add direct deposit option as I am having issues getting code on my number" I tried many times, at first direct deposit option verification process was not accepting the codes fiverr was sending me on my number and now they say that verification code can not be sent on my number due to some network error at my side, while my phone is working fine, getting calls, got codes fro fiverr on same number before. Attaching snap of the error. Any suggestion ?


Thanks for your information


hey! DID YOU SOLVE THIS ISSUE? can you tell me how