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Direct Depositing Fiverr funds

Since the 17th of July, I’ve been trying to transfer my funds to my bank account, but they have been under review and have been in the “Upcoming” section for a while. In total I’m transferring about 130 dollars. I’ve been waiting patiently and have confirmed my bank details many times when they ask. My money has been under review 3 different times after it’s been green lighted. I don’t understand why I don’t have my money yet but I would appreciate some help and I really hope I don’t lose all that money. It’s about half the money I’ve made from Fiverr so far.


Have you submitted a ticket to CS yet? (It can take up to ten days for them to get back to you.)
Have you checked with the customer support of the receiving end? (Your bank.)


How do you submit a ticket?

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Here is the link for Customer Support:

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Thank you! I appreciate it.

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