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Direct massage send via contact me features


I want to know if I want to send Direct massage via Fiverr “contact me” features .is it legal or not?

because I want to promote my service to another Fiverr user
is it legal or not?



The only other users you’d be able to contact would be those who are sellers on the site. Ding this would risk your being reported for spam. Please don’t do it.


Please respect our members privacy by not contacting them with offers, questions, suggestions or anything which is not directly related to their Gigs or orders.

The above is from the Terms of Service which you will find at the bottom of the Fiverr main page. Well worth a read as a violation can risk your account.


If you do it, you’ll get reported for spam (because those users are sellers and are not interested in your service). If several people report you for spamming them, you’ll get messaging disabled (that also means that buyers won’t be able to message you to ask about your services), and you could also get banned.