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Direct message From seller

yesterday I posted a buyer request and I received many offers but i received a direct message From seller she was asking about details is there any option and fiverr for direct messaging?

I think she an communicate with you within Fiverr messaging without any issues.

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I don’t understand this… If you’re receiving a direct message from a seller, then it shows up under the “Messages” tab. You can respond to them from there.

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You are a seller too, so, yes, anyone can contact you when they look you up via your user name. You only can’t contact “pure buyer accounts” directly. It’s probably not allowed though and might count as spam, as in this case you “are acting as a buyer”, so obviously sellers should reply to your buyer request and not contact you.


Actually I hate it when bidders contact me directly when I post a request.
When I post a request as a buyer, I will browse through the bids when I want.
Some sellers may try to get the advantage by sending messages directly but that is irritating.
They can contact me because I am also a seller and my inbox is available. However that feature is for my potential buyers only. If the bidders contact me to promote their services, it is wasting time since I have to reply to maintain my standards.
So an advice to sellers, do not try to send direct messages in buyer request. Use your bids wisely, the buyers will decide who they will work with.


Thanks for Your advice,Sir.

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yes i am are a seller too (Thans to all)