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Direct messages from clients

I got a direct message from a customer . He didn’t place any order. He said he wants to know my capability of doing a task well and he sent me a huge assignment. He said if I complete it he will hire me to his team.
I am new to fiverr so I would be grateful if someone can help me to figure out this is a spam or not


Don’t make anything until buyer hasn’t started order process and never deliver free samples because some buyers are scammers who want to get their work for free.
If you’re 100% sure of your abilities to complete what he looks for, then reply with a message and if he keeps forcing to have free samples: block him.


Don’t do anything for free unless you’re happy to provide small samples to clients. You certainly shouldn’t take on “huge assignments” for nothing. You’re here to provide your skills in exchange for payment, you’re not here to audition for potential future jobs.
I did this a few times when I was new to Fiverr on the promise of work and I gave large discounts on the promise of many future jobs and it never happened. I have a few regular clients now and not once have any of them asked me to drop my rates or provide free work.
Imagine how absurd that would be in any other line of business like a restaurant or supermarket. “Give me one weeks worth of food for free and if I’m satisfied with it, I’ll shop with you in future.” They’d be laughed out of the place.


It’s worse than spam, it’s a scam.

Complete this massive assignment for us and if it is up to the quality we expect, we “might” employ you to our team?

Sorry, but Fiverr is not an internship or employment website; it is a marketplace to purchase goods and services from sellers. This “customer” simply wants free work out of you and is waving a false promise of employment as the carrot on the stick.


Dont do anything free.

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You can reply that for $5 you would be happy to give a partial delivery so they can see the quality of your work. Otherwise do not fall for this scam.

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