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Direct order hesitation


Hi everyone,

Now a days I am facing some problems during Direct Orders.

Some buyers are directly ordering me may be without reading the full description of my gig. After they order they don’t even reply my messages too. And after delivery sometimes they start complaining that they expected this,that etc. or just left a bad feedback with 1star or 3stars and I always work according as my gig describes. But I always give them 5stars in review and I always respect my every buyers.
If I ask them to cancel the order sometimes they do and that also effects on my Account Order Completion Rating.

I am facing this types of problems now a days.

Is there any solution for that?

Thank you for reading.


Same case here. I’m also looking for a solution.


Increasing prices helps a lot. If a service is very cheap, people don’t care to pay even without communicating with the seller first, or even reading the gig description. Some may even don’t understand English. It’s like buying a candy, if I don’t like I just throw it, it costs nothing. That problem increases the more you give, the less you charge.


You are right. I was also guessing about this same thing.

And thank you so much for the solution.