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Direct order or agreement before order?

Good day guys. Trust you all are doing great and staying safe amidst this novel pandemic. I know it was unprecedented but I hope we’ve been able to adjust to the new trend.

I’ll be raising a very important conversation that affects a large number of sellers negatively. The issue of “direct order”.

Most of the time, it’s fully spelt out in a seller’s description that buyers should communicate before ordering to avoid cancellation. I personally believe in reaching out and making an agreement before business is done.

Reasons why buyers shouldn’t be automatically allowed to order directly:

  • The gig price is a base price, it might be entirely different, reduced or increased, depending on job speculation.
  • Seller may not be available to deliver at that particular time stated on the gig. Probably due to bulk orders.
  • Idea generation is key. To avoid consequent disputes and clash of ideas, sellers should be able to guarantee and assure the buyer of what he/she would be expecting. Being on the same page is key.
  • Some buyers tend to order from a couple of sellers , at the end , picks the best , then requests for cancellation from the others. So bad, but it happens. And finally
  • Cancellation is a cost. Buyers think when they cancel, it’s as easy as getting refunded, but they are ignorant of the fact that it costs the seller drop in internal rating, and drop in search ranking.

Despite the fact that your terms and conditions were written in the gig description, some buyers don’t read it, then disputes begin to arise after ordering directly.

What is the way forward? How can this issue be solved?

I’ve suggested this to the support service and I’ll suggest it here. Fiverr’s product development team should give us an option to either switch on or switch off direct order. Any seller who switches it on, should be ready to bear any issues that come with it. I think it should be a choice to decide if you want it or not.

I hereby reach out to the Fiverr team to help us look into this, so as to uphold equity, fairness and to make this platform a safe place for all and sundry.

Thank you for your time :grinning: and let me know what you think in the comment section.


Very well said and I agree, you made some solid points. I also had my own suggestion for this, here: Changing the way on receiving orders

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great! I will check it out. Thank you!