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Direct order without agreement on price vs gig completion rating down


[details=Summary]This text will be hidden[/details]I have gained awesome response from buyer i have been using fiverr for above a month and got level one seller and every rating reached on 100% but now fiverr have launched new policy if u cancel order ur gig completion rating will be down. I have question it’s common that mostly buyer order directly without discussion or agreement on price. Same buyer came today i was not agree on price and buyer was not supposed to pay. So we decided a mutually cancellation and i finally got 22% decrease from rating :angry: what is the solution if it’s happen. I know most of you get order like this one once in a month


That percentage is only displayed to you so you can analyze your own practices. Fiverr added mutual cancellations so you can take note if the number gets high and see if you need to rework a description or something.

No one else can see your mutual cancellation percentage and it shouldn’t affect you unless it is happening on a large number of your orders.


Yes dear @fonthaunt but isn’t it cause your gig placement on search result :sweat:


My question was. What if a buyer orders and never leaves any requirements or doesn’t leave the required material to start the job? I also noticed that fiverr has also started to count spam messages. I got a spam message that was already flagged, so I also flagged it and reported it because the guy wanted me to download a keylogger onto my pc. Then I get a message that I need to reply within 24hrs in order to retain my 100% response rate. Why should I respond to a spam message? After some hours response rate 88%, orders completed 69%, delivered on time 70%. I have never ever delivered anything late I think the closest I got to late was 7 hours remaining.


There is no solution still…