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Hi, I am level two seller. I got an order the last night and I have completed the requirements and delivered the order, Today he put the order in revision, and the client direct threads me if I will not complete the requirements today, he will give me bad reviews. Then I replied that what correction do you want, he replied to me you have completed “zero” Please complete the task otherwise I will give you bad reviews, The client very disrespectful. What should I do now?
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Hello alokmondal126,

Sorry for hear that. Please make sure that you have delivered what he asked. Then there is no issue. If you already delivered everything as promised, please list down client’s initial requirements clearly and send him a message. Hope he will understand about the process and limits of your project scopes. If he need anything else, you can discuss and send him a new custom extra.

Hope this helps.

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Threats are not allowed. Point that out to the client.

Abuse of the review button is not allowed. Point that out too.

As long as you have delivered what is outlined in the order/gig, you will be fine.

If necessary, contact CS


I am always ready to do the correction for the client but the client always threading me that he will put negative feedback It’s really disrespectful and very stressful. I did everything perfectly.

Threatening is not allowed in Fiverr. If the buyer still asking for non-related things, it’s better to contact Fiverr customer support. Please make sure to send required proofs about it.

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I already opened a ticket but the problems is the order will be late when I will get reply from support also the client is very rush to complete the project

it is very bad for every freelancer, brother i remember that you need discuss that with customer support


If it’s in revision it can’t be late anymore, the clock stops as soon as you deliver the first time. You can ignore the red LATE sign.


If you’ve already delivered, it may look like the gig is late, but it won’t affect your stats.

Yes, CS will take a while. Try to reason with your buyer until they get back to you.

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Don’t post this here without blurring user names.

And, anyway this is something for CS,not the forum.


The delivery time showing will be finish 13 minutes. So if I will not deliver the order then the client can refund and put the reviews also. So What can I do now?

So, did the order end? It didn’t, right? As I told you before, after the buyer asks for a revision, the order only ends when they accept it (or after 3 days of no reply)…

Also, if they request a cancellation and get a refund, they lose the right to leave a review, so don’t worry about that.


Hi, i am new seller thanks for the tips