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Direct upload or Sharable links for projects


Hi Fiverr Family,

I just uploaded a shareable link for my Dj Drops for the first time and it seemed to upload a lot faster than using the direct upload.

Which method do you prefer when uploading files -

  • Direct Upload - Fiverr upload system
  • Shareable Link (Google, Wetransfer, Dropbox etc.)

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Thanks Pastor Dre


Completely depends on the size of the files Pastor.

Also depends on the service.

For majority of the services I provide, Fiverr’s upload is sufficient. If I am doing video conversions, then i might need to utilize 3rd party file transfer links.


I do prefer sharing a dropbox link, most of the times I find it to be a lot more reliable and faster to boot.


it comes at a price: any video I deliver that way does not get uploaded to my portfolio.

So, sometimes I need to take that into account before choosing.

But overall, I find dropbox deliveries to be easier.

Plus: if I link to a folder, and let’s say the buyer asks for a change, there’s no need to re-send a link. link stays the same, but I just inform the buyer to look for file labeled “v2” or something. :slight_smile: