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Disable a Client Sample from Gig Gallery

Hi everyone,

Not sure if anyone has done this, but a client is asking me to disable an audio sample that is showing on my Gig Gallery. The sample automatically shows on my Gig Gallery after order/rating completion (and I don’t want to fully disable my Gig Gallery), but this particular client does not want his project to be showcased on my Fiverr Gig Gallery…
Is there any way to disable just 1 audio file from showing on the Gallery?
Appreciate your comments.


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Fiverr Customer Support can help in this issue

Fiverr doesn’t allow the seller to change or remove items from their own gig gallery, which somehow I still cannot possibly understand considering that it’s the seller’s portfolio :smirk:

Asking CS to help you on this matter will most likely make them tell you to contact the buyer yourself and ask the buyer to remove the gallery item. Apparently CS doesn’t want to do that either, which I also cannot understand :smirk:

So basically you have one solution: to ask your buyer to remove the gallery item themselves. How? I think the buyer has to go on the order page and remove the image from the feedback section.

However, there’s also another possible method: you, as a seller, asking your buyer to change their rating/feedback, and then the buyer has to leave a new rating, and while rating your order they have to click on the image to remove it.

If anyone knows of any changes that I’m not aware of, feel free to yell at me :smiley:

Thanks Sohailms/Woofy,
Perfect feedback from both, greatly appreciate it.
I actually contacted Fiverr Customer Support and they did in fact help me in removing the individual audio samples from my Gig Gallery. Hope they keep providing this type of support from now on.