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Disable account

My fiverr account has been disabled. I don’t know what is happen with it. i asked support person but they said we have permanently disabled your account. But when i tried to login my account it’s show me message of temporarily disabled.
What is solution now??
Why support persons are hesitate to enable it?
Is fiverr support is authentic source for this kind of issues ?

None of us on this forum are Fiverr support. We cannot help you with this issue. If CS told you your account is permanently disabled, than it is permanently disabled.

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They also sent you an email stating why your account was disabled. Please don’t tell us that they didn’t because they always do.

any reason of disabling account?
In the message its showing temporarily disabled how he can say it is permanently disabled?

they are just saying violation of buyer tool but i have posted a request which was published after approval. how you thing i violate in this way. if i violated then why they approved my request and posted?

Do you mean you violated a rule connected with buyer requests? What was you buyer request that you posted about? What service you were looking for?

If Fiverr says your account is permanently disabled, then it is permanently disabled. None of us can offer any additional insight. Fiverr told you why your account was disabled. They don’t take kindly to users ignoring their rules, or misusing their site tools.

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