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Disable damnquickpay?

I NEED A WAY to disable one click pay please help me thanks!

Hi @keshamcdonaldd!

For disabling DamnQuickPay please do the following:

  1. Go to your PayPal account -> profile -> My preapproved payments -> preapproved payment plans. There you can deactivate the pre-approval payment to Fiverr
  2. Contact customer support and ask them to reset your DQP settings

    Hope this helps! =)

I have had a dissapointing experience with Damnquickpay. Instead of it speeding up payments it caused me a 3-4 day delay. This is frustrating, but what is worse, there is no Fiverr method to easily disable it. It is easy to do from the Paypal side (as suggested above), but why on earth do I need to contact customer support, causing me further delay.

Fiverr is a great site, but this is really very, very poor. If you cant get Damnquickpay working for everyone, then at least make it easy to disable it!

Damnquickpay? more like damnsnailpay. Nothing but trouble since I used it first and still trying to get rid of it. It’s like Herpes. Whoever created the damnquickpaininthe ass should be fired.

It works good, but if you use an ipad or smartphone it is dangerous. I bought two gigs by accident. Did not realise it until I got an email from paypal. If you pick up the phone or ipad accidentally touching the buy button. It is bought! They need to offer a two step version for touchscreen.

It’s worked for us since Day 1 but all of a sudden in the first week of February 2015 it stopped working.

Contacted support who said to go fix things on the PayPal side but NOTHING is showing as being setup ANYWHERE in PayPal. Costing us a fair amount of lost business in the interim.

If they can’t figure this out we’ll be forced to take our business to competitors because time is money…and some.


Its 2 months later, I’m dealing with almost a duplicate of get_it_done’s issue.

Very frustrated, and the tech support is less than helpful.

I had the same problem as get_it_done and dondonelliott. Not it’s fixed =)

Looks like Fiverr only approves DamnQuickPay for 1 year, so it expires without telling you. Simply go here to reactivate it:

These instructions for disabling it at paypal are no longer valid. Payal redesigned their website. I called paypal and they had to manually remove damnquickpay. However, when I chose to tip someone $7 on fiverr, it automatically withdrew from my paypal account, and it withdrew $7.50. So Damnquickpay is not removed as paypal told me. It’s not even accurate. The only good thing to say about damnquickpay is that it’s well-named.