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Disable fiverr account

my fiverr account is going to disable. any one have solution for this ?
please help

Sorry to hear that. Can you tell us reason why this is going to disable? Did you make any mistake. And if it is going to disable no can here help you. We can only give suggestions, help someone. You should Contact Customer Support.

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Yes it is disabled.
“The user account you are looking for is no longer available.”

Fiverr disables accounts for a legitimate reason. They do not take disabling accounts lightly.
What services were you offering? Jog your :brain: memory to figure out what you did that violated their TOS. Once an account is disabled the decision is final.

fiverr wrongly judge my order as acadamic work. but it was not at all. its was setting up company related to STEM.
I 'm offering grant proposal services.

is there any solution?
may I open new account?

Yes, you can do, but make sure that before opening a. new Fiverr account, you should reinstall your windows.

Great Ashiq hossain,
have you do it ?

any solution, appeal or anything else?
I earned $5000. level 2 achieved

Ask CS first before opening another account. I’ve seen disabled account holders open new accounts and those accounts were disabled as well. So, the best thing to do is to get their permission first. Email them at since you wouldn’t be able to open a ticket with your account.

If they give you another chance make sure you abide by their TOS.

You will be able to withdraw revenue from your disabled account after (90) days.