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Disable My Account


I am create one accounts ,
I had that dollar in my account
After some days , my account is disabled
I contact them and they tell me you have an account on the one side and the other.
But I have no more than one account.

  1. Create second id .After one days , my account is disabled
    I contact them and they tell me you have an account on the Same situation .
    I am Sure I have no more than one account.
    How Can I Solve This Problem?Please Help me


Sorry but there must have been a red flag. If you are really saying you didn’t have two accounts, did you use the same payment processor as another user?

Are you running 2 accounts on one computer?

It is only customer support that can help you though.


First things first, you can’t create a new account without getting CS approval.
Politely ask them for permission first! No guarantees they’ll say yes.
Don’t create another account, cause you’re just sinking deeper in the quicksand.


When I signed a new freelancer, then after create two accounts, after delete an account.


If I follow your rules then they will let me do another account?


Oh mine. This is why. You need to close them down if you still have access to them, then contact CS to pardon you and give you an opportunity to create a new account.

You can try that


It’s common sense from reading the ToS… Like I said earlier there are no guarantees that they’ll say yes. But, it’s worth a try!


i dn"t know. I have several accounts.
If I ask them to lodge my account, will they give me if I have more accounts?


I do not know how many accounts I have on my computer?
How Can I Solve This Problem?
Please help me


You don’t know how many Fiverr accounts you have created?


I don’t have the slightest idea. :thinking:

Think very hard… Be very honest, how many accounts did you create on
It’s not hard to forget these things. Don’t tell tall-tales to CS be very honest with them.


Yes.i Dn"t Know how many accounts created ?


Why you created many accounts?




I am created two accounts and delete an account.


Now both are disabled?


You can give me cs link??


I do not have any accounts yet


Contact customer support and ask them for permission to create a new account.
But before that , Please read Fiverr TOS


You keep contradicting yourself.


Goodness, gracious Trishan!

Do you still have access to the CS ticket? If yes, use the same ticket to ask for permission. If no, submit a query here.

Remember, to BE HONEST, keep calm and don’t go off the rails. Don’t create multiple tickets! :pineapple: