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Disable withdraw button

Hi Fiverr,
I can not withdraw payment because disable withdraw button. please check that whats problem with my account, if you need any verification then please tell me. I am available. please solve it’s ASAP

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Here is the link: for Customer Support.

I did but not respond yet

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Hopefully they will reply to you soon.

We are just buyers and sellers on the forum.

The way forums work is you come if you want and read a little, interact a little.

If you have issue or problem use search feature. Like I did.

And if they do not reply to you in 2 days, you can also find that on forum.

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I always use this link for any issue I faced on fiverr. It really help me all the time and whenever I found that something I didn’t got I use this forum. I am fully satisfied with fiverr platform.