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Disabled and I'm not sure why!

My Fiverr account has just been disabled for my post on buyer’s request section.
I’ve filed a complain with CS but I need urgent response. Who knows a faster route to getting my account reinstated?

Maybe their direct line.


What did they tell you in the message? There’s usually a reason behind any account being disabled.

Normally they don’t reinstate accounts, so the chances of getting your account back are pretty low.


I was looking for someone to help me rewrite an academic work to pass plagiarism checkers. Are those services illegal?

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Fiverr does not allow such services.


Well. Too bad. I didn’t know that before now.
Is there anything that can be done?

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Had you read the TOS - which you agreed to when signing up for an account! - you would have known what you asked for was in breach of them.


Fiverr does not allow academic work services. And if this is the reason behind disabling your account then I don’t think they will give it back to you.

academic work is not allowed

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You’re trying to get someone to pass plagiarism checkers while doing your schoolwork for you. Well that’s a new one!

Yes, sure Fiverr will help you cheat on your schoolwork (sarcasm).

Why would Fiverr reinstate an account that is trying to commit fraud, breaking the ToS?

The forum isn’t here to help you get away with cheating. Honestly…

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