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Disabled Extras/Multiple Orders: Rating Level?


I’ve got one gig that has the gig extras and multiple orders disabled, and I was wondering what rating I need that gig to have in order for them to be enabled. Does anyone know?


Level 1.


No, I AM on Level One. I just have one gig that’s disabled on that. I’d like to know how I get it re-enabled.


I see that hilarious situation going on. That’s a lot of cancels and the guy already gave you one negative. If you can’t get that fixed, I would just complete the gigs in queue without canceling (if they were his), cash out, and start afresh. It will be hard to get level 2 with that guy harassing you.

Hopefully you can undo his negatives and not eat so many cancels.


Above 90%, you think. All right, thank you!