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Disabled Fiverr Account, payoneer account

Good day, I would like to get some information or clarity. If a Fiverr account get blocked or disabled so to say how can one remove the payoneer or PayPal account linked with it?

It doesn’t matter what payment accounts are linked to it since you can’t make any more $$ from the account anyway.

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If the Fiverr account is disabled can use the payment method with another Fiverr account

If your account has been disabled you need to get permission from Customer Support before you open another account or it will be disabled also.


I mean if the Fiverr account is disabled can I use that payment method on another Fiverr account?

I think you missed @lloydsolution’s post! :thinking:

She said:

Did you have permission to set up a new Fiverr account? If not then CS will not allow you to use your old payment method. :wink:


Clearly he had the account disabled due to some reason and he wants to remove the Payoneer from there to use it again. It’s against the Fiverr terms. I don’t understand why people don’t read the terms…