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Disabled fiverr accounts


Hello, I’m new to fiverr. My first account created in fiverr has a username that not suitable for my category. In that case I had created another fiverr account. Fiverr team disabled my second account. After all I deactivated my first account by choosing change username as reason and then I created the 3rd one. Will they disable it too?


If you didn’t get permission to open another account after your accounts were disabled, yes, and I think that was the reason of why they disabled your second account too.


No friend . I had opened the 3rd one. I have the problem about will they disable the 3rd one too ?


I haven’t more than one account in fiverr now.


You should have asked for written permission to open the one new account after 2 were disabled. They may disable the newest one too. Ask them.


Second one is disabled by fiverr and First one is deactivated by me.


Regardless, to answer the question again,

For anything else:


Can you please guide me , how to get written permission to open the new account.


You need to contact Customer Support.

Here is the link:


I already contacted the customer support and sent some messages for them. Can i know these messages would help me to get a permission.


Nobody on the forum can help you further with this. It really is between you and Customer Support. If you have explained everything to them they will give you their decision.


I had uploaded the screenshots of messages above.


You will just have to wait and see what they say.


Okay thank you for your help friend :slight_smile:


In addition to what @lloydsolutions said, you’ll have to be patient. It might take them a few days to respond. If you keep sending them a message after a message after a message like you keep repeating your questions on the forum, Customer Support might see your messages as spam and block you.

So, wait and hope for the best.