Disabled my account


My name is arjun, i joined 2015 at fiverr. i has 1070+ reviews on fiverr. before 4 days fiverr disabled my account permanently.

i have only 1 account 1 laptop. i don’t have any other jobs. this freelance work is my career. please give return my account sir…

please help me.


This is not customer support.

You should open a ticket with CS.

What was the reason for your account’s deactivation?


This is why you are not supposed to put all your eggs in one basket. My advice; try contacting support once, if they give you your account back, good. If they don’t move on and be careful. :slight_smile:


Why did they disable it?


What reason show Disable this account


from OP post it looks like, he is accused of multiple accounts.


custom support not give any reply


How many accounts did you have?


i have only one account,


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