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Disabled please help


I am a level 2 seller, 100% positive feedback, this morning a buyer decided to do a chargeback with his bank (no clue why as they do not tell us it just said “order was cancelled” 49 days after it was delivered and the guy never contacted to say ANYTHING. and all of a sudden my account is disabled??? for ONE Chargeback, which is like someone who just wanted money since the gig was delivered perfectly and on time.

what do I do? work hard and get to level 2 (not super easy) just to be disabled because ONE guy doesn’t want to pay his bill and get something for free???


biggest problem is now customers with existing orders or recently delivered orders are going to not see me and think they were scammed and file disputes


Hi, @d3athd3aler, Did you contact fiverr CS via email?


Its very hard to get your account back, But you can contact the customer support and present your situation. They will be be able to Guide you what exactly went wrong with your account.
Good Luck


is it normal for ONE chargeback to do this?


Where is the Loyalty???


You’ll need to ask CS - none of us can help I’m afraid.


If you’ve broken Fiverr’s rules, then they’re not going to be loyal to you. If you haven’t, they should reinstate your account.

As has been mentioned, only Support can help with this issue.

is it normal for ONE chargeback to do this?

Fiverr doesn’t ban sellers for being victims of chargebacks. Almost every seller will be victim of one at some point.

Either the changeback and the disabling were cooincidental, or Fiverr took a closer look at your account because of the chargeback and saw something about it they didn’t like. Of course, there is a third option. Fiverr may have made a mistake, in which case you’ll likely get your account reinstated. The system isn’t perfect.


is a chargeback by ONE person who never even communicated to me breaking rules?


I’ve edited my post, which should answer that question.


so looking through my emails (since I can not log in) it seems about 20 mins before my account was disabled this buyer did message me saying they never placed an order… so is one to assume someone used their card / account or something? someone in the household? still is that MY fault???


Have you done anything else that might have gotten your account disabled?

  • Have you received multiple warnings?
  • Have you operated multiple accounts?
  • Were you offering services forbidden on the platform?
  • Have you been soliciting positive feedback?
  • Have you been spamming?
  • Have you been selling stolen/copyrighted items?
  • Have you initiated any chargebacks?

You don’t have to answer me, because I can’t help you. But those are all things that can lead to a seller being banned. Sometimes, Fiverr doesn’t realise a seller is doing those things until they’re forced to look at the person’s account more closely.

If you’ve been towing the line completely, then hopefully this is just an error on Fiverr’s part, and they’ll soon put it right. We’ll have to see what Support says.


no none of that, I never even ask for feedback once a customer says they are happy, I never message anyone, i reply when I’m messaged, had 100% everything across the board, I try to stay online all day to reply as fast as I can, I dedicated my life to Fiverr…


Ok, well good luck with Support. Let us know what they say, Ok?


I will, thanks you, since i WAS level 2 before being disabled will this be priority support you think?


You’re welcome.

Level 2 sellers do apparently enjoy priority support, so hopefully you shouldn’t have to wait long for a reply. I’m not sure how the holiday period will affect waiting times, though.


contact fiverr cs team


pins and needles waiting for the response!!!


I put my heart and SOUL into my fiverr account, gigs and customers, getting hit with this a little over a week after being diagnosed with Cancer I’m just beside myself!!


I know you don’t know me, but for what its worth you guys replying means something to me