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Disabling Old Gigs

Hello community, currently i am a level 1 seller on fiverr and hopefully be a level 2 seller after very next evaluation.

On social media groups o often see people posting that their gig has been denied by fiverr which was on 1st page for the search category. Even I saw one (by a level 2 seller on fiverr) yesterday in a facebook group was saying that he had above 50 5 star reviews on the gig and gig got disabled by the fiverr.

The question is, what could lead to disable fiverr gigs? even the old gigs?

When a gig is denied the seller is always referred to read the Terms of Service at the bottom of the Fiverr main page.

Suggest that to carefully read and abide by the Terms of Service is the answer to your question.


your answer is perfect in case of a new seller, for those who already having 50+ reviews on that gig and later that is denied? if it was to be denied then it would have been denied when it was created?

could editing the gig lead to deny? or something…

Gig editing will lead them to have another look at the gig and decide again whether it meets their terms of service (after a gig is modified it goes to gig moderation) and maybe also whether it is inline with their current business strategy (or whatever they call it). It’s possible for a flagged gig to get looked at also eg. if a third party (like a different website) flags it.


If you type “best selling gig denied” in the search bar above there are several posts on the subject which may be helpful to you.


Thank you guys for you replies :slight_smile:

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one related question, could removing gig be a reason of a report by someone? and if someone reports the gig then gig is removed immediately? or its in a queue to be checked by fiverr experts before removing?

A removed gig shouldn’t be a reason for a report by a third party. They’d report an active gig if they thought there was a problem with it like if they thought it violated their TOS or rights etc.

Other than that, there shouldn’t be a reason for a report of a gig. Maybe if a buyer of a completed order later decided they needed a revision but the gig was no longer there maybe they might contact CS but that shouldn’t lead to a warning or anything. It’s really (or should be) up to the seller to decide whether to remove gigs and it shouldn’t lead to warnings.

I expect it would go in a queue and then it would be checked by CS (I don’t know whether they’d be experts). How soon Fiverr did something about a flag may depend on the seriousness of it/what it was for and who (or what company) flagged it.


All gigs disabled ONLY if they violate fiverr TOS. Some of them might be disabled after few months because sometimes it takes time for fiverr to find those gigs as thousands of new gigs created every day.

yes, people can report your gig but fiverr wouldn’t disable your gigs if they don’t violate any rules. And of course if fiverr will find out after the report that you indeed violated TOS then of course they will disable that gig.

No matter how many 5 star reviews seller has. If he violated TOS then his gig will be removed anyway.
I would suggest to filter info/stories like that because of those sellers usually one just to complain without telling the full story and the reason why fiverr denied their gig. (If they say they don’t know then it’s a lie, fiverr always sends an email with explanation as for why your gig was removed)

As long as I’ve been on this forum I remember only one or two stories from all of them where it wasn’t the fault of the seller and their gigs was restored at the end. All other sellers indeed violated fiverr TOS

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Thank you miss Maria