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Disabling urgent orders? (1 day delivery option)

hello, is there a way to turn off the 1 day delivery option from all the gigs at once? I know I can go in each gig and disable it individually but i was wondering if it is possible to disable it from all the gigs. I set 5 days as delivery time of all of my gigs, now, sometimes let’s say I go away for 2 days, I can accept all my gigs but I can’t accept 24 hours delivery orders, if there was an option to disable the 24 hours orders for all the gigs, if I go away or I am busy for 2 days I don’t have to enter holiday mode, I can still accept my orders and deliver them when I’m available, any suggestions? thanks!

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You’re going to have to go into each one.


that’s what I suspected, I guess I will go to holiday mode every time I am unable to deliver in 24 hours then, as disabling and re-enabling it in each single gig is too tedious :stuck_out_tongue: hope fiverr will add this option in the future, thank you!

No, there seems to be no way to do the same. You will have to set separately for each one.

You will have to disable it one after the other