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Disappeared from Category?

Has anyone had their gig disappear from a category, unexplained? My gig used to be on page 1 of the “Astrology and Readings” category. I am a Level 1 Seller in good standing (4.9 Stars, 93 reviews, 99% - 100% in all rating categories). I was getting 5 - 6 purchases every 24 hours and then, suddenly 2 days ago, my purchases went to zero, with the exception of 1 repeat buyer.

I checked and other friends checked, and cannot find my gig under that category any longer. Why would this happen? I’m pretty upset as I was really starting to attract good business after 6+ months of hard work. Any help would be appreciated! Thanks all.

Do you mean this gig?


Yes. When I look I can only finding it by searching my keywords. Did you see it on the Astrology and Readings page without searching?

How long was your gig on first page?

Yep. I opened the Astrology and Readings category and saw it on the 6th line of page one. :slight_smile:

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Thanks! That’s really bizarre as yesterday I got back as far as page 6 and still no luck. I do wonder what influences the Fiverr algorithm to fluctuate gig position over time. Thanks again for checking.

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