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Disappeared my gig from the Search list

I have been using Fiverr as my main source of income since 2018. It has been dealing with a very large number of buyers for so long and has provided a very high level of service. Currently eligible for TOP Rated. It is very satisfying. :smiley:

But a few weeks ago it magically disappeared from my gig list. The ability to promote GIG has also been removed. Now it can’t be found anywhere on the list. Once the filter option is applied, it will be displayed on the last pages. It can’t be anyway. I have done nothing wrong. Does anyone know what is the reason for this and what is the solution to get it back? :thinking:


Did you recently misbehaved with your buyers?
Contact with fiverr support they can tell you perfectly what happened with your gig.


Same happened with me. Let me know about the solution if you find any!


This has happened to a lot of sellers including me, No solution so far!

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No, I have always been very friendly and professional with buyers. I do not know the reason for this. CS also does not provide a direct answer.

Same problem my gig. A few weeks ago it disappeared.

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That’s also happen to me, and I report that to CS, after few days my profile appear on search page, but actually it still active but just not appear on search page and we can search on

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The same here. I think this is something fiverr does consciously. But it is unfortunate that no reason or criteria is given for doing this.

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