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Hello :slight_smile:
Recently all my PERSONALL extrass vanished from all my gigs. Only ‘guaranteed’ (default) extrass stayed. I removed cookies, checked on few browsers (chrome, opera, edge, IE), few devices, different google accounts, logged out… and it always looks the same - no personal extrass.
Every personal extra is titled and selected as always when I’m in ‘edit gig’ option. After clicking ‘save’ button nothing changes… No matter what I do - there’s no personal extrass avalible at all.
BUT I can only use them when I’m creating custom offer. I checked other fiverr sellers and I saw the gigs the same as mine - no personal extrass, only the guaranteed (default) ones. The profiles with packages activated are working properly, but this is not the case.
Please help me, because I’m afraid that all my potential buyer can’t place the orders… One of my clients who placed his order on April 30 said about one of my extrass:
“text wasn’t listed in the add on section but was listed in bio”. So I think the issue is not only on my side.

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it might be a bug , you should contact support.


I did. They directed my case to some other team 2 days ago and I’m waiting…

Could anyone visit any my gig and say if the personal extrass are visible?


Lol, this is not a bug…

The answear I got:

After consulting with our Relevant Department we can confirm that this was not an error or a bug, this is a standard function on our website. Personal Gig extras do not show on your Gig once a potential buyer opens your Gig page.

Gig extras will appear in the checkout page and not the Gig page. This is intentional behavior and the site works like this, so there is no need to worry.

Everything looked and worked clear for many years until this month. I don’t understand and can’t see any particular reason why deafult extrass stayed, but personal are hidden now. They took it from the first view of gig without any warning or notice. Quite nasty. Bad move imho.

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