Disappearing gig description


Anyone else having this continuing issue – my gig description keeps disappearing. Just the description.

I replaced it earlier this week and it remained on my gig for a few days (except it has never reappeared on the phone app). I looked at two of my paused gigs – same issue! Viewed in two different browsers and the phone app. This morning I contacted CS…



You are right. The description is indeed missing.

Well CS will be the only ones who can fix your issue.

Please keep us posted of the status.


This happened to me several days ago. Noticed it on a few other gigs also. It came back after two days.


I suppose it took a mini vacation…


Update - Re-entered description. But the next day went back to add a couple of words. While the old description appeared online, the text box for editing was empty. Still working with CS – and they are being very helpful.