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Disappearing revenue! Where's my money going?

I’m a little bit frustrated at the moment.

Since my last withdrawal in May, I have earned a few hundred pounds in cleared funds (revenue) from July til now, not counting the funds that are still going through clearance, however only around £46 is showing up in my account as available to withdraw.
Where’s all the rest meant to be? Does this happen to anyone else?

I tried to submit a bug report but for some reason I am required to enter an order number, but this isn’t related to any specific order so my last resort is the Ranting Pot.

Argh. I don’t want to be missing out on hundreds of pounds of revenue here.

Just put ‘-’ or whatever in the order number field, that works.


I’ll try that! Cheers!

I can only encourage people to start keeping a record of all the orders you are doing.

For example create an excel spreadsheet. Enter all the orders you are delivering. Once when the order clears you can mark it as “cleared”. This will help you stay organized and on top of it. You can then exactly pinpoint the order # if any discrepancies occur. Good luck.


That’s a good idea, but I still have many orders I’ve completed over the last few months sitting in my account that haven’t been cleared. Any ideas on how to get them to clear, or is it a bug?

It’s not just a matter of a few orders not clearing, it’s the majority of them.

The average clearing period is 14 -17 days. Everything above that isn’t normal. If you are experiencing issues on a regular basis support is your best option. It might be a bug.

Yep! like I said I’ve got orders from back in July not clearing, plus a lot of order revenue that has been sitting there for longer than 2 weeks. I’m just a little bit panicky as fiverr is my only source of income at the moment.
Anyway I was finally able to get a bug report through so I’ll see what comes of that.

Thanks very much for your advice anyway!

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Its actually happened to me as well…instead of selecting the order support option on support page, select ACCOUNT SUPPORT and send a screenshot. My account was recovered within minutes…CS is so fast…


Thank you for the advice also!

I have already submitted a request through bug report, but if this happens again i’ll be sure to do this instead. :slight_smile:

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Hi, I was just wondering what happened with your money, as I am facing the same problem, and I am very worried. I sent also screenshot in CS, and I hope for a fast resolution.

this has happened to me also, CS did not help me at all, this seems dodgy to me since its not only me its happened to. I think it must be a bug but I reported it twice to CS and they said nothing is wrong???

Hi Shauna,
I am amazed how they answered you that nothing is wrong! Are we working so hard for free? I, actually, researched the network for other cases, and none of all of them seems resolved. If by next week my case in CS is not resolved, I will stop my Fiverr for good. I will write here to let you and others know what happened.