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Disappearing without marking an order as complete is like taking a pizza without thanking the delivery guy

Yes, I appreciate your patronage, BUT U STILL RUDE


Frankly, this last order, I’ll be glad to let it autocomplete. And then block him. But you’re right, it is rude.


I have decided to not let that bother me - for my own mental health.

Every time an order is auto-completed, I see it as if it was the buyer taking the whole three days to do it.

End of story, and the start of a new one. :wink:


Wait, are you telling me that I am the ONLY person in the whole wide world who doesn’t say a word before slamming the door shut on the pizza guy’s/gal’s face as soon as I have the food in my hand? Please tell me this ain’t true. :pray: :flushed: Just kidding. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

In all seriousness, though, I agree. However, it can sometimes be acceptable if the buyer just genuinely ended up forgetting or was unable to (cuz of some engagements/activities). There are a lot more worse things a buyer can do than not mark the order as complete. :wink:


To be honest, I understand why some buyers do this. Do you realize how much follow up spam you get from Fiverr after placing an order?

Fiverr is user friendly for anyone who places one order a month or a year. Anyone who buys frequently likely does what I do and creates a spam filter for all the notification and followup emails.

Don’t blame buyers. They ae still buying, after all. Blame the obstacle course of emails, and reminders to privately and publicly review orders which Fiverr sends after orders are placed.


That’s a very valid point!

I thought Fiverr gave buyers the option to choose the notifications they’d like to receive and opt out of the others. If they don’t already do this, it’s about time they did.


Maybe they were working for a client and their client didn’t complete their order soon enough or their client left your buyer’s order (which contained your voice over as part of it) to autocomplete (which could have meant your order auto-completed before theirs did). If their client had asked for a revision they might have had to ask for a revision from you. So the buyer could have been reliant on what their buyer did.

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I would like to know the thinking behind them not marking an order complete.


Have you read my post above? It’s likely the buyer wasn’t the person who was going to make the final decision about the voice over and whether any revisions were required (it might have been for an explainer/whiteboard video or something). There will likely be a time gap between the delivery and when the buyer gives their work to their buyer (incorporating the voice over) who then might take 3 days from then to decide or not whether to ask for a revision which might include a revision to the voice over.


I remember a buyer commenting on this in a similar post long ago. Something along the lines of: “Well, buyers are busy people!” Well, and I’m not, apparently, just playing around here, all bored and trying to entertain myself.

In all seriousness, there are buyers who I secretly hope would just leave me alone after the delivery. It’s pretty rare, but still, I appreciate it when they do.


It doesn’t really bother me much until they pop back in a month later and place another order.
If they place another order then on some level they must be satisfied with my work. If that’s the case complete the transaction and drop a review.

But on the other hand, I do realize that we all have everyday lives that we must attend to with more important things on our plate.

Don’t forget to tip your pizza delivery person…


I had to thank a delivery guy??? :flushed: :joy:

Ok jokes aside, I really don’t care if they disappear without a review as long as they don’t appear in a couple of months asking for a revision.

Sometimes I even have orders with just with one sentence like: “I need a logo with a leaf for my company (put a company name here)”
And that’s it. So if they don’t even put some extra time to try to explain their business and idea behind their logo, values, target audience or even just to describe their style so for sure I would not expect from them a lot of comments or that they even will mark order as a complete”

That’s their choice, some people are asocial and doesn’t want to have any extra communication, some just doesn’t know how to use a platform, some just forget that they have only 3 days or that they need to mark order complete at all.


If they know they can mark it complete, and they don’t, I can’t see why not. It seems like a hostile act. Maybe they don’t realize it has any effect. I have long time clients who do this.


Maybe they think they’ll need to review it if they accept it and for what ever reason they don’t want to leave a public review. Or maybe there’s a lot in the delivery and they need enough time to go through it - it might take all 3 days (or maybe more) to go through it.

Maybe they’re waiting a bit to see what manifests. Or maybe they don’t feel like explaining what they want revising or are still wondering (over those days) whether to ask for a revision and if so what to ask to change and to what or maybe they’re not that happy with a delivery. Or maybe they are happy with the delivery but they just don’t get around to accepting it, eg. they don’t feel like doing it or they might forget to or have other things to do.

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Y’all, I know there are 10,000 reasons that a buyer may not want to leave a review. I am just having a rant. Ya know, on “the Ranting Pot?” :heart:


I don’t care that much either, but it would be nice to know (with some buyers in particular) that no revisions will be needed 2.5 days later while I’m sleeping in the middle of the night that need to be delivered “within a couple hours”. The buyers that come online when I deliver and then disappear have typically been the ones guilty of this.

I’m just ranting y’all, just ranting. It’s no biggie.


Most of those who just grab the order and don’t even bother to mark it complete, come back to me over and over again. But, at the same time, they are the first ones to quickly push the revision button if they feel that a revision would be needed.

What can I tell you, that’s life… :sweat_smile:

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I think 3/4s of my orders are auto-complete. If you don’t like it, send those clients over to the rest of us who don’t mind.


Lol, It has invariably happened in here.

that’s a life :sunglasses:

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