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Disappointed about the service at fiverr

We have not received an invoice/bill for bought items. This is critical for a company with tax duties. Now we get into trouble with our CPA.

Then I opened a support ticket five weeks ago. I got several replies like “we are so sorry” etc … still no invoice.
I don’t know why it is a problem to generate an invoice? Does anybody had the same issue? What could be done next?
I would like to escalate this topic. I think five weeks for an invoice and satisfying answer is too long. I expected more solution oriented behavior from the support.

If you type "invoice " in the search bar above there are several posts on the subject which may be helpful to you.

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Perhaps you can print your own invoices?

Also, you should be getting a receipt to your email after every purchase.


@lloydsolutions I have used the search functionality. it didn’t worked out

@annai80 if i click to view the invoice, i will get a 404 (page not found) there is no chance for me to print anything out.

it is still in progress at support and i hope that somebody can finally send an invoice to me

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I’ve printed invoices with no trouble. You can also go here and check the box to get the email invoices:

You can also just copy your orders into standard format and create an invoice. That’s what I did when Fiverr in invoices were in beta. It’s less convenient but it works. There are several solutions without waiting on Support.


I have filled out the form right from the beginning. all other invoices are send via email. that’s not the point. It is just the case with one invoice.

And no, I will not forge any invoice due this is punishable by law. I need the invoice from fiverr, so there is no possibility to fake anything. because we have international clients, this is the only reasonable commercial conduct to go. if the IRS asks for tax reducing and to whom we made the payments, I will point to fiverr. you can be sure that the IRS is very strict regarding invoices/taxes and expenses

All you can do it wait for customer support to reply to you.

You’ve had some good info from other users, who are buyers and sellers just like yourself, they’re not actually support staff, but they did try to help you.

Good luck with CS. :sunny:


please do not disappointed Sir

yes i appreciate your answers and know that you are no professional supporters. this forum is called “your fiverr experience” and i wanted to tell you, what my experience was. thank you

I did NOT suggest that you “forge” an invoice. Where I live (where the IRS refers to the Internal Revenue Service and where I file taxes fine) there is no problem with using your records to make an invoice as long as it is accurate. If that isn’t the case where you live, then good luck with your situation. Please don’t imply that I suggested you do something illegal since there is nothing in my post saying that. Have a good day. I’m out of this thread.