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Disappointed being a pro user

Last month I was accepted as a pro user in the graphics and design- character modeling catergory. I thought it would be a great oportunity to work on projects with higher budget, though I don’t find any trouble finding clients whose budgets are according to my custom offers, I think the average buyer has an insuficient budget when it comes to more complex projects. My idea was to keep working with my non pro gig, which is my best selling gig and my main source of income and where I work with custom offers, and at the same time have my pro gig for more complex projects. After creating my pro gig, Fiverr warned me that I couldn’t keep both, so I had to deactivate my non pro gig. This is kind of risky, as I’ve achieved a great visibility for my gig and I have many reviews and, as I said, there’s were I get most of my earnings, so I’m not sure if it’s really worth it to deactivate this gig and start with a new one, with 0 reviews and less visibility, just to have the pro logo on it. I was told that they couldn’t convert my existing gig to pro due to the number of reviews I had, which would have been a great solution. Does anyone have any experience with this? I really need to decide what do you and I’m really unsure about it. On top of that, I remember that in the zoom meeting for pro users we were told that as Fiverr users we would get an answer during one hour, however, the two persons that contacted me regarding this issue took ages to answer, which is not very encouraging. So my question is, is it really worth it to be a pro user? will it make a huge difference? Thanks for reading and feel free to share your thoughts and experiences :slight_smile:


Don’t forget the ongoing pandemic. People have even less money now than they had before. Lots of people died, so the economy took another hit as well.

And yeah, as you said, your gigs are expensive for the average buyer such as myself, I think. There is a price for quality, and then there’s a price for quality. (As in how much a buyer wants to spend vs how much you want to be paid.)

Also, if I may say so, your art style looks a bit more niche. To me it looks like something you put as illustrations in fantasy books or something. That may attract fewer buyers as well.

PS: I did enjoy seeing the Dragon Age Morrigan in your works. :slight_smile:

Well, I said I don’t have any issues with my current prices, of course there will always be people with extremely low budget that want something almost for free, but that’s not my problem, I don’t have any trouble finding clients. And I don’t know which prices have you seen to say my gigs are expensive, as I work with custom offers as I mentioned. The idea of creating the pro gig, apart from just being a pro user -I guess that’s something everybody wants- was to be able to work in more complex projects, and therefore, with higher budgets.

I mean, it’s hard to read because you write in one big block, but if I read it correctly, you were complaining about the average buyer not having the budget for complex projects. See below.

For example the high quality 3D character that starts at ~$418 and ends with ~$1257. Something the average user will probably not be ordering. Is this what you were referring to as “complex projects”?

No, I was not complaining, I was explaining the purpose of my pro gig and the difference with my regular gig.
Yes, those prices are for the pro gig,for more complex projects. In my regular gig the prices usually end at 350, there’s also some people with higher budgets than that, but it’s not the usual thing, meanwhile, in my understanding, I guess people looking for a pro gig have bigger budgets. I also guess the average buyer doesn’t look for a pro gig, so I’m worried that I have to deactivate my other gig to have the pro.

Maybe. I consider myself above average buyer by now, because I do read ToS, Gigs and whatnot. I also communicate with sellers before I order. And my projects range from $5 to $160. Which I suppose makes me an above average buyer.

And I will tell you that I have no idea what a Pro Gig is, nor why it should be better. I would need to read up on that first. I just look at the numbers and works to decide on interest (among other things).

No, that’s not what I want, I think you didn’t understand what I said. I want to be able to work with a wider range of buyers, I mean, people with more complex projects and higher budgets. That’s the reason why I’d like to keep both gigs, because they’re intended for a different kind of projects and buyers