Disappointed By buyer rating


Hey Fiverr community,

I was wondering about one thing that happened to me last week.
A client order my gig but i was obliged to cancel the order, and he leave a bad review with 1 star.
I just have a question i’m i supposed to create a new account and start from the beginning to hide this review or still working with my current account.
At this moment i have 3.7 stars, which is not good for a client to hire me.

Thanks in advance
Kick ass,




I found this in the ToS:

To prevent fraud and abuse, users are limited to one active account. Any additional account determined to be created to circumvent guidelines, promote competitive advantages, or mislead the Fiverr community will be disabled.

So, probably not.


The buyer did not leave a poor review. A 1-star review was left automatically by Fiverr because you did not deliver on time.