DISAPPOINTED by Fiverr Review Team


Hi all,

So I was looking for my gigs where they are, and accidentally I saw one gig with my original gigs gallery which have more orders then me and is in the 1st page. I contacted customer support and they take the action, but what they do they just forced to change the gig gallery (flyers) and nothing more, so she/he changed the gallery but again she/he did some other of my flyers.
I run one website that I share Flyers & Posters for personal use only, and not to sell or to promote as the own work, so I am just surprise how fiverr team has not blocked this account but instead they allow to use other flyers even that are without my permissions. I really believe that fiverr should take a look more for original sellers but it looks like they care just for sales and is not important if someone is using copyright materials. Attached are files.

NOTE: Some flyers that are in my gig are also in my personal website which I share design sources but I won’t add the url because moderators can flag as a spam.

I just feel Disappointed from Fiverr team and I want to aware all of you to check your competitors gig and see what they can use.


First thing you need to do is to watermark all your work.


@armer So, if we don’t watermark our works people can just take our work and post in fiverr like it was their work and fiverr support will not do nothing and will allow these to make more sales than we should do?


there will always be bad people. report them to CS. They’ll take care of it.


@uncarved yeah, I reported in CS, and they didn’t do nothing . They just send one warning to change the gallery, but she/he changed the gallery but AGAIN she/he used my flyers lol :smiley:


then show them again, stating that she changed it and then changed it back to yours.

They can’t see everything from everyone unless you stay on top of it.


@uncarved I just told them again and they told me that they are reviewing his account. Did this happen these situation also to you?


not that I know of. But I do know that the only one that can really help is CS in these cases. And if the seller did change for Fiverr and then changed them back, that’s sneaky sh*t and Fiverr probably wants to know.


@uncarved Thank you, let’s see what is going to happen. I was hoping that they will ban this user, but instead they just forced the seller to change gig gallery and she/he changed with some of my other flyers lol.


It’s not like that but this is a good sokution for you when some platforms can’t protect you.


40+ gigs are removed until now, and some of them still survive even that I have send proofs that are using my work. Maybe fiverr is giving another chances to these scammers :grinning: