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Disappointed from fiverr plaform

I’m using fiverr since two month but no order receiving…disappointed from this platform…:unamused:.


Improve your gigs description, title and make it more professional

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What have you been DOING in those two months to make it more likely that you might earn orders?


It’s not the platform that brings you orders and money. It’s YOU. If there is someone to be disappointed at then it’s definitely not fiverr.
It’s not a “sit tight, just wait and I’ll make you rich” website.
Fiver is only a tool. And your experience depend
On how you are using it.


In addition to what others have stated about marketing your gigs… you need to make sure buyers are willing to buy from you once they land on your gig page. Looking at your profile and gigs, I see a few issues of concern.

“I love my passion” is certainly a nice thought for your self-esteem but means nothing to a potential buyer.


Your gigs are very bland and don’t really stand out against all your competition.

I took a closer look at your Killer Infographic gig

Your line breaks are really awkward here. Some line breaks actually split words and have single letters that drop down to the next line.





Fiverr is not at fault here. I rest my case :sunglasses:


Thanks for contributing

Thanks and check my gigs and then tell me whats is wrong and what need to change, what things make me disappointed ?

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Thanks for seeing my gigs and telling me about my fault, I’ll improve it

Thanks for encouraging me but i’m disappointed, check my gigs and tell me my fault to improve…please

You don’t understand the problem, so we can’t help you. You are selling infographics… with bad graphics on display. If you thought those gig images were good enough, then you don’t have the skills to sell what you’re trying to sell, and nobody will buy.

Fixing the images doesn’t fix the underlying problem. You may trick some buyers, but a person with the right skills would never have put those pictures up in the first place. First, get good at something with demand. Then sell it. Can’t do it the other way around.


Don’t lose your hope. Be patience & be potential.

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Be patience!
Start with your profile and make It attractive by explaining who you are and what you can do, then go to your gigs and try to offer something you are very good at (e.g Graphic Design) and put good Images or video that describe what you are good at and what you can do.

Now you are ready to make some offers by going to Buyer Requests section, you’ll see some buyers are requesting service related to what you are offering In your gigs, send them a good proposal with good price and short delivery time, then you’ll get some orders soon!

Getting your first order as a new seller maybe take time, so have some patience and keep your eyes on Buyer Requests section because It’s the easiest way to get orders.

Wish you good luck with that :smiley:


Don’t blame the platform, look at what problems you might be having with your gig. Is it optimized, are you ranked on page 1, are your images good, is your offer competitive? ask yourself all these questions and you will have your answer. good luck :+1:


@leejohnsonvideo already provided you with some insight.


I don’t want to sound too harsh, but I’m afraid you’re simply not getting it.
You’re simply asking and hoping for people to spoon feed the information to you, and
I’m afraid that’s not how it goes.

Look at your photoshop gig, do you not see that the little boy’s left hand is positioned in a very strange way in the after photo? It’s just not matching with the background, and it’s not working as a sample image.


Do not lose hope. Keep trying to send buyer request every day. I am also not getting order from 6 month since i open my fiverr account but i keep my trying now i get my result. Best of luck.


Thanks for point out my mistakes once again thanks to all, now i’m going to improve my gigs. My mean was not that this platform is bad I was just losing my hope with our work.

right you are :upside_down_face: :upside_down_face: :upside_down_face:

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don’t upset. share you gig link in social media platform. and make you gig rank…

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So I checked your gigs to see if you made any changes and it appears you did.

However, looking at your Killer Infographic gig I noticed a familiar image. You see I checked some of your competitors before sending you my original advice. The image below is from another seller who is very successful within the infographic design category.