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Disappointed from Fiverr


Hello Fellows,
I am working on Fiverr from April 2013 and created gigs and later added video to one of my gig. That gig got about 80 reviews but now there is not even a single review neither can i see any video that i created for my gig. Instead that gig has been labeled New Arrival
Last year i needed to collect my previous delivered work but about 6 months data was missing. Fiverr customer support was able to see the data but i could not
Really disappointing : (


Does the same thing happen in a different internet browser?

If no, then try clearing cookies, cache & history of your current browse, and reset it to initial installation settings. Also update Flash, Java and other add-ins.

Try that and see if it solves anything :slight_smile: Since CS sees the data, it’s possible it’s just a problem with your browser, and not the gig itself. Or it might not be the case, since you said it’s labelled New Arrival now. But it doesn’t hurt to try, right?



Just logo in from another PC and see the Gig… if you fee the same problem there then re complain to the customer support.

Thank you


I tried the same but could not see my very hard earned reviews. The data was lost last year and paid the price of it.
Here is link to my gig
Could you see any buyer review on this gig?


Thank you for your suggestion. However login from another PC still display same result


No, I can´t see reviews on the gig. :confused:
On your profile at least I see reviews, but I know, that´s little comfort. Hope fiverr can reconstruct that somehow. Did you check if your gig is in the category you had put it back then or they moved that gig to some other category so it somehow counts as New Arrival? I´ve read forum posts from people whose gigs fiverr had sorted into some other category.


Thank you for confirmation. I was unable to locate my gig in any category. Lets see what Fiverr CS says.
Will keep you guys posted!


There have been some technical flaws with Fiverr recently but it looks like they are spending the money to iron them all out.

It is time to build again!


yes and seller is paying the price for Fiverr technical flaws!


Everything they do is based on the money we generate.


So finally Fiverr CS has said that gig was deleted from my side. Whereas i swear i did not do so. Why would one delete his about 4 year old gig with 67 reviews been favorited by hundreds of buyers…