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Disappointed to say the least, thinking of quitting fiverr

Hi guys, fellow sellers , hope you are doing well. Cause we obviously are not. It’s been a while since we started fiverr, 2021 would’ve been our third/fourth year being sellers on this platform, we got plenty of happy buyers and as product photographers we helped a lot of businesses grow and launch their products. We got to level two sellers fairly quick and now, in just a month everything’s gone, due to some ( not saying the word but if you know you know) we have been demoted to level one, lost performance in all gigs, got really bad rating with reviews, and now even fiverr is showing us no protection at all as sellers. We are thinking that someone took advantage of fiverr’s policy to hurt our business but nevertheless We are really starting to think to quit . Want to know your opinion guys !


What is this? You realize that this is against terms of service, correct?


Hello! It’s so sad to hear that. That’s one of the things I’m worried about here on Fiverr - we sellers have no protection at all, therefore someone could just open an account, place a fake order, leave bad reviews or cancel the order to put our stats down. I understand your discouragement! But I would just tell you not to give up. Not everyone has it easy and I’m sure that here on Fiverr or somewhere else you’ll still find people who try to put you and your business down. By giving up, you’re giving them exactly what they wanted. So, my advice is, keep going. I’m sure you have many customers who keep coming back to you, you have built their trust and many people would still choose you over someone else. So don’t give up and just keep going.


I only see 3 negative reviews. 1 review 3 weeks ago and another 2 years ago. From your post I thought there are many bad reviews that you can’t get away with. are you telling these because maybe you are not getting orders anymore? Or because of level drop?

I don’t think this is an issue for you to quit the platform :slight_smile:


is it? Anything about this on TOS? just asking because I don’t know.

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You clearly delivered something that was not bought. If the buyer doesn’t provide required assets, you can’t deliver anything. You wait for them to deliver the assets, or you cancel, the order.

You can’t deliver some random pic saying they’ll get the next order for free / with a discount. That’s against TOS - misusing the delivery button. That’s an instant account warning.


And how is it possible to deliver an order for free anyway? :confused:

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Oh. It’s both the Delivery button abuse AND a review manipulation. Displayed publicly for everyone to see.


I don’t see how that is a review manipulation… I don’t even get why the buyer rated it, if they didn’t get anything. Very suspicious.

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They “gave” the buyer a $60 “voucher” for the next purchase. Of course the buyer was pleased.


That’s not review manipulation though. If I was a buyer, I wouldn’t even rate such an order (nothing was delivered, so there’s nothing to rate), that’s just weird. if the original order was for $60, basically the seller is just saying “close this one, and you’ll get the next one for free, since I didn’t do this one”. That shouldn’t influence a review either way. It’s definitely an abuse of the delivery button though.

:skull: :skull: :skull: :skull: :skull: :skull: :skull: :skull: This killed me, the audacity.

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An inexperienced buyer who came back two weeks later to see an autocomplete order with a $60 “voucher” could very well go: “That is so sweet of you, thank you.” It’s enticing a positive feedback by giving away free money, IMO. But either way, who knows what went down.

I’m also pretty sure you can’t display order number publicly. At least on the forum, you can’t.


It’s not clear review manipulation though. We have to be careful about these things, Fiverr is already way too aggressive with the warnings in a lot of cases. Of course everyone wants to have good reviews. If the order was completed normally, and I said “If you do another order with us with the future, I’ll give you a discount for continued business”, is that review manipulation? It can’t be - it’s just good business strategy. And in this specific case it may was well not be “offering free money”, just offering to do what the buyer already paid for and ended up not getting.

I’m free to offer extra services, discounts, etc. at my discretion. What I can’t do is ask for reviews, positive feedback, etc.

Now, there may have been review manipulation going on in the messages, we can’t know that. Personally I find it very weird that the buyer rated a “non-delivery”. But we can’t know that from that image.

Aehm, let me explain , top left corner, there’s some writing on that , white on black, very contrasted to be read. Basically the customer bought a photo editing gig to us without giving us any image to edit , so clock was ticking but we have nothing to work on. We tried to contact the buyer , got no response. We gave her a voucher that matches the exact value of the order and delivered that so that she could send us the images anytime she wanted. Pretty simple explanation and nothing against tos…

It’s against TOS. You closed an order without delivering. That’s totally against terms of service. If the buyer doesn’t submit requirements, you wait for them. If they never deliver them, you never deliver. Cancel the order, or wait. You can’t deliver “nothing”.


The order starts as soon as the buyer pays but if the buyer does not send you anything what do you deliver ?

Nothing. You wait. If they never contact you again, you cancel.


You can’t deliver nothing. It’s a ToS violation. You’re supposed to either cancel the order or request a deadline extension in such cases.

I do absolutely believe you that you had no idea about this based on how out there is “voucher” is. As in, it wasn’t an evil scheme, just ignorance on your part.


And there you get a late delivery, a bad review, an unhappy buyer and a massive headache. If you want I forward here the chat so you, as the fiverr team did, can clearly see that there was no manipulation at all, simply the buyer bought the gig to early and needed some more time ! Calm down ahaha

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