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Disappointed With A Seller


I am doing very good in fiverr as a seller and even I got the Level 1 status a day before yesterday.

Recently I ordered a Gig from other Seller which was of 10 dollars and I asked him again and again if he can do it or not, the seller was keep on saying “order me” so i finally did the order.

Now after 2 days when the order is late he is saying he cannot deliver it because he has some personal problem. I mean why? I have lost a client for him.

Why he didn’t say it before if he can’t do?
Instead he is saying he will contact Fiverr and show my messages because I asked him why didn’t he deliver the order. This is really very disappointing.

It seems they are taking advantage of dispute feature but it killed my time and lost one client.


Sorry you’ve had a bad experience, but sometimes in life, personal stuff takes over - personal issues, ill health etc.

I’m not saying that either of these are the reason your seller cancelled, but stuff does happen to the best of us.

I hope you get it sorted out.


This thing happen when lot of order in queue. they don’t have tome to do convertation. but tell buyer to put order. after some days when he look at the order he get to know, he can’t do like this job. so they are canceling the order. actually this is bad experience

But if he have personel issue Like offlinehelpers said We can give excuse for that.


I feel really bad for your case, too, but like the others said, it really could have been something personal going on…

Like, I’m a new seller and I got a sale on Wednesday, which was a day I just happened to wake up not feeling well, so I got nothing done that day, nor did I get anything done on Thursday because I was still recovering. By Friday afternoon, I was well enough and I delivered with 12 hours to go, but had I continued to feel ill, I would have had to either cancel or be late. Maybe your seller wasn’t as lucky; not saying he was ill, necessarily, but something unplanned could have come up.


The CS will be on your side if he does so. Don’t worry about it.

You have said that the order had gone late. If so, you will be able to cancel the order without a dispute from the seller and the seller will get a 1-star review automatically.


That’s exactly the reason why there is an extremely clear segregation between the Top Sellers who perform at their highest levels at all times and others who treat Fiverr as a Hobby.

As a Copywriter averaging 5 - 15 medium sized orders daily - I don’t allow myself to feel “off” after getting up, letting “personal issues” get in the way or Cancel the Order because I’ve watched an emotional movie and feel too shaken to write.

I get up, take a cold shower, get behind the keyboard and deliver. The results I receive are a perfect expression of my work ethic.

It’s absolutely essential for you (if you don’t want to keep wasting time, money and clients) to realize that they are Professionals on Fiverr and than there are those who use it as a Hobby. There’s nothing wrong with that, just keep in mind that you can’t hire a “Wow, selling on Fiverr is one of the coolest hobbies I have” Seller and expect that person to perform on a professional level while directly attaching the outcome of your business transactions to the work they provide you with.

You wouldn’t trust a Hobby Pilot taking you on an overseas airplane journey, would you?

Simply understand the reality of the marketplace and tailor your expectations / requirements accordingly.

The Gig ratings, average delivery time, cancellation rate and reputation are here to indicate who can be trusted with the serious tasks and whose services you can solely use when the urgency lights are off.

Take your experience as a great lesson and move on.


I feel bad to hear that.My only concern about the dispute system fiver only see the conversation and check only some keyword. like you may do not deliver your order and somehow to tell a lie to a client about your personal problem, then somehow client said ok cancel the order. then if the give bad review you as a sell can go to support and show them the message to support team and remove the review.

But I think this is bad practice. one more problem I can somehow a man can have a personal problem or huge order or any other circumstances but fiver should have the option for increase the time (from buyer/seller) .sometime this late order effect they profile and ruin it.


I am angry that sellers can bully buyers into giving them good ratings just to try to get their product. I felt I had no choice but to give this seller a five-star rating just to get my logo. Then he never delivered!!! I am never using this service again. Fiverr sucks.


It’s definitely frustrating losing a client though stay strong and find another seller to do business with.

Hopefully this will be your last negative experience :wink:

:bulb: Joe


Only if you let them.

You shouldn’t have given him a 5 star rating. You should have reported him to Customer Support for violating Fiverr’s Terms of Service.


I have reported this person. Fiverr says they are reviewing the case. It should be impossible to give a rating until the package is sent. I am new here and am not impressed.


Well you may be new to 5r but I’m sure you aren’t new to buying online. I feel bad that you got swindled, but just like catwriter said, you shouldn’t have rated until you had product.

What the seller did was against TOS. I’m glad you report him or her. Good luck on future purchase.


Apparently I have the option of canceling within 13 days. Assuming this means a refund. I will do that as needed.


Well, it was a bit like pulling teeth, but I finally got all the files promised. I had to ask twice but the seller came through. I now have my complete logo package.




That looks fantastic! Congratulations! I am very happy for you.

I hope your next purchase will be much easier! Logos are just hard to find a good seller but the other fields are much much much easier!! :slight_smile: