Disappointed with Buyers Rating


All the persons I do work for has given me a rating of 5. However, quite a number of persons sent requests which I did not acknowledge or agreed to accept the request but still I was rated 1 for not delivering on time very unfair and doesn’t make any sense.

It has really dropped my ratings tremendously and I am feeling very disappointed and strongly feel it should be removed. It is a big turn off for me.


You can always cancel an order if it’s something that you don’t feel you can do. But the way Fiverr is set up, buyers don’t have to contact sellers first.

I prefer it that way, but if that doesn’t work for you there are other Freelance platforms where sellers bid on the projects that they want, and discussions always take place before ordering.

I really like that Fiverr is set up more like an online store. I prefer it both from a buyer and seller perspective. I actually started here as a buyer and I used to just skip sellers that had a notice saying “Contact First”. I don’t like having a whole discussion about the project. As both a buyer and a seller, I want to jump right to work! But I get that doesn’t work for everyone. That’s what I love about Fiverr.


@gardnern, if you mean the “Cancelled order. Seller failed to deliver on time!” ratings, it’s not the buyers who left them. Fiverr gives you that rating automatically when the buyer cancels because you were more than 48 hours late with delivery.

If you don’t want to work on a certain order, cancel it. You can’t just leave it there/ignore it, because the buyer’s money would remain trapped, and they still wouldn’t get the service that they purchased (not to mention that just leaving orders unfulfilled like that isn’t a good business practice).


Thanks for your response, you have cleared up some of my concerns because I thought it was the buyer who gave me a rating of 1.

I agree that it is not good business practise to ignore the customer but I did not know that was how fiverr worked but I would have responded. I did not respond immediately because I got quite a number of request at the same time. Also I did not know that money would be paid without my acknowledgment but I am now clear on that. Once again thanks.

Nellie M. Gardner


Have you read Fiverr’s Terms of Service? It’s the quickest way to learn how Fiverr works (and learn the rules, so you can avoid breaking them).