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Disappointed with Fiverr and the unprofessional sellers

I have been on Fiverr since May trying to get the same story written. My first writer made me wait 2 months, the duration of the deadline and didn’t deliver then canceled the order. My second writer made me wait 2 weeks (deadline) and didn’t deliver canceled the order. 3rd writer another month and a half, didn’t deliver canceled the order. This last writer, 1 month and canceled the order. Now I paid another writer and they are not responding to the payment or even acknowledging the order. I talked with all the writers before payment was made and all of them said they would be able to deliver (except this last one) I just paid and prayed. Now I’ve spent 6 months on something that should have honestly taken a month. I feel like my story might have been plagiarized. Their is no one to talk to in regards to this, and the money is just floating from unprofessional seller to unprofessional seller. (my story isn’t pornographic, vulgar, racist, prejudice, etc) If you have any advise or know a write that is professional please send them my way.

Thank You
Frustrated Buyer


I think you should try pro services if you afford them

I’ve lost money with promo ads in anticipation of the 1st and 2nd writers, I’m not sure I wanna invest anymore money into this until I see some kind of progress. It wouldn’t be wise of me to shell out more money. If anything I think I need to cut my losses, and take my money to

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This type of situation always makes me wonder what the project and budget/rate was.
I have had over 100 writing orders with around 20 different sellers - I think once I had an issue.

I also love the notion that going to another site and doing the same thing will produce a different result… like there are not incompetent sellers on all the platforms…


I am so sorry to hear that you had these awful experiences.

If interested, feel free to PM me. I have worked with an amazing writer who carefully crafted the perfect story for us and I’d be happy to recommend her.



May I ask how you are picking your sellers?

I’ve hired many article writers here, my stats are as follows:

  • 2 - delivered pure, unreadable, embarrasing trash (I should have canx, lost a ton of money on these two incompetent writers)

  • 25% - delivered average, acceptable work

  • Rest delivered top notch work.

I’m rather picky about who I hire. I still get it wrong but all in all I’m batting a good average on good sellers, great average on great sellers and poor average on poor sellers!! :grin::grin::grin:


Sorry to hear :open_mouth::persevere:

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I booked a gig with a seller for a caricature just to see what the buying side of Fiverr looks like. I found there are many sellers in every area and that the price and obvious quality vary widely. I did not choose the artist based on his prices; I also looked at his work samples before I made my choice. If I were hiring a writer and his gig write ups illustrated poor writing ability, I would not have hired him even if his prices were low. On Fiverr, a buyer needs to check out their seller as much as possible to ensure their dollars are well spent. :money_mouth_face:


I don’t know, I operate in my own bubble here, get regular clients, do my work in a relaxed manner, zero cancellations and spend all my time worrying about Indian politics and the stock market. I am completely at peace on Fiverr :slight_smile: [But I won’t find true peace till I stop worrying about Indian politics. Should cut off myself completely from that, starting today. Now. ]


I don’t know what your budget is and the scope of the task you are assigning. You don’t have to wait for weeks or months because there are plenty of writers who offer fast services.

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@thriftyitems It’s better to request a sample before placing a large order. More than 70% of my buyers pay $5 and request a sample. (Example- first chapter of their book) I think it’s the best way because it takes less than 4-5 days to check your writer’s performances. :smiley::smiley::smiley::smiley::smiley::smiley:


What subject/genre would the story fall under, how many words were you looking for and what was your budget?

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Hi there, sorry to read about your bad experience.

It´s not even allowed to offer services on Fiverr that take more than 30 days, which is the longest duration for the deadline Sellers can choose on the drop-down for delivery time when sending an offer, too.

There is Customer Support, you can send them a ‘ticket’ if you got problems, or even questions. They always try to help, most of the time can help, and are really nice to talk to in my experience.

As to advice on finding a good writer, you got that already, so good luck with your next choice, if here or elsewhere. :four_leaf_clover:


@writer99025 I too worry about politics in my country. I think many concerned people do. However, for this part of your post:

You are my hero! I want to be like you. Someday, someday . . .


I wonder these things too. I saw someone post that they wanted a 20k word story written for $50. Which is completely unreasonable for that amount of words. I imagine an eager seller might take their offer and then realize the work involved and cancel, or other scenarios.

Also many of the same sellers will be present on multiple platforms. So the buyer is likely to find more of the same experiences either from their own lack of knowledge in the process or from encountering, roughly, the same community in other sites. There’s just no winning here unless they truly problem solve what is happening to them.


I’d recommend you to ask for previous work of that seller. Since I am a seller too. Buyers do ask me for the previous writings I have done. And if they are satisfied then they proceed. :slight_smile:


what you should have done is to tell them to start and send you progress of job done before you order, in that case you have nothing to lose.

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That would be the same as doing work before it had been ordered and paid for - not a good idea to work without an order, :wink:

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Exactly what I was thinking, few buyers think that they can get a lot of work for just one gig.


HIV is the subject 40 thousand words.

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