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Disappointed with Fiverr and the unprofessional sellers

everything you do must be straight and forward with no problems. sounds great but in reality you get asked for extinctions and soon etc. contacting customer support, why didn’t I think of that???

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Honestly I have seen sellers will to do 50k words for 50$ and there are a lot of them out there. A lot…

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I don’t just pay, I have spoken to these people before in regards to the order and all have agreed. would you take an order you couldn’t deliver?

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Do most of your customers talk with you before ordering? yes? then you have the option to say yea or nea, right. you know what they are asking of you up front correct? or is it that your buyers just click pay now and thats all? no communication until the project is done? (must be nice) maybe I should start selling on here…

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I am a writer with a fair amount of skill and experience. I can write about 2k in a day on a good day. It would easily take me over a month to fulfill a 50k word request. You think any reasonable person would give up an entire month of their lives for $50? I can see some exceptions to this, for example maybe being from a third world country where $50 is more valuable or maybe they get to reuse the project for something else too but ultimately what you’re asking for is not something most reliable writers are going to want to do as proven by your difficulty in hiring someone.


I am not really sure what you mean. My comment was speaking from my perspective as a buyer, not as a seller.

That topic is quite specialist I would imagine, the kind of topic where your first purchase should be paying the seller to come up with their concept and basic structure of the text, considering the word count. Roughly 2-3 hours work which if I were in your position, I would be willing to spend $50-70 for it. Once that was done, we would then proceed in stages.

I know that I can buy meat in a can with 2 years before its best before date - doesn’t mean I buy it when I want a Sunday roast.


And this is why I never bothered offering writing services on this platform (…yet, I do have a Pro application in that I’m still waiting to hear back on.)

I could do the work the poster is requesting, my fee would be, quite literally, exponentially higher than what is being offered.

The amount of work required needs to be considered. First, a long discussion regarding what exactly this book is about, not just a topic. Then there’s outlining, planning, then the research, actually writing the draft version, followed by revisions.

As much as I fancy myself a skilled writer, I’d also highly recommend hiring someone else to proofread the final draft (and note, what was being offered isn’t even close to what I would charge to proofread a 40K word book.)

The absolute best you could hope for with $50 would probably be something plagiarized. So, it’s not exactly a surprise that this experience has not been good. You can point out all you want that there are people who will do it for $50, but it doesn’t sound like any of them have delivered yet.

That said, people should not be agreeing to jobs they can’t do.


I’m not going to lie 50k words for $50 is totally crazy… but hey if people will do it, more power to them. Personally I ran your word count for my base ($15 for 350 words) and I’d be wanting around $1700 for 40,000 words, but that’s just me. Good luck finding someone.


I totally agree with you. I once had someone ask for 50k words for $250. Like, what? My own novel of nearlu 100,000 took a friggen long time . There would be a ton of planning that would need to go into a novel on here if it’s not your own work and also you’d have to more or less give up other jobs for the duration of the project to focus fully on it.


I would never hire someone that is insane enough to take such a job. The seller will either fail to deliver or deliver really bad - awful work. Any buyer who thinks they can get quality for that is clueless about the time & effort it takes.

I like saving money as much as anyone here, but there is reasonable and then, there is crazy. :crazy_face:


I am only telling you what sellers are pricing there gigs at.

Now the buyer is wrong for being interested in a good deal… Let’s attack the buyer…

I didn’t cuss, yell or call you names. My goal was to help you understand how you might improve your experience. I certainly would never want you to feel belittled. Take care.

Hahaha yes this is what I often think too. Then I’ll get someone messaging me being like "Hey can you write my life story? It’s probably going to be around 20k words. So I’m like “Sure, it will probably be between $700 minimum, does that work for you?”

Then they’re all like omg you’re so expensive!! Why are you so expensive?!?! I can get this done so much cheaper for elsewhere!! What happened to getting stuff for five bucks on here?

It’s like lol what? You must think we’re desperate to write 20k words for like $50. Maybe someone is, but I totally agree - anyone who does that work is gonna deliver a seriously poor piece of work.

I also get people asking why I’m so expensive when a whole page of writing is around $25 for my base (then depending on topic and complexity it may be more). Then they tell me they can get it for $5 and I’m like okay but when you pay a non-native writer that and you get something that reads like an ESL paper and ask me to fix it for you my rate’s gonna be higher… just sayin! :stuck_out_tongue:

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@thriftyitems In my personal opinion I would like to say that the main reason behind this is Fiverr’s policy and their search algorithm. GIGs of old sellers with more than 1K, 2K or 5K positive ratings are ranked well behind of new comers with 10, 20 or even with ZERO sales. So, new buyers at Fiverr get confused and experience poor quality work.

First of all you have to make conversation with sellers in inbox who bid on your job request. This will give you the idea about the Sellers’ skills. Then you may want a live and real sample from the seller. Tell them that they do a little bit demo. When you are satisfied, then make an order.