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Disappointed with some Top Rated Sellers

So, I’ve purchased 600 gigs on Fiverr (8600$ to be precise) and I must say TRS are not the best sellers around. Actually, I am very seldom impressed by their talent or their customer service. I work in the voiceover business and very frequently they refuse to do retakes (even paying more) stating that this is their approach to the gig and they can’t offer me anything better. Some have canceled the gig because it was too much work, some deliver too close to the deadline. On the other hand, there are many hard working Level 2 and Level 1 sellers that are way beyond the call of duty and their woking ethics are fenomenal. I believe the arbitrary TRS badge is NOT a proof of good work, nor a guarantee you’ll get the best gig around for your money.

I had to get it out of my chest.


True, I’m the best seller around and I’m not TR. Delivering close to the deadline is not a problem though, what are you expecting? If I say that I’ll deliver in a week and I deliver in a week minus 5 minutes, the buyer has 0 reason to complain.


You, sir, are a liar.

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You, sir, are incapable of taking a joke. There, there, my child.

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Delivering close to the deadline is indeed within Fiverr’s rules, but I assume if a seller is hand picked and starred by Fiverr, it must be someone that does far more than following the rules by the book. What am I expecting? A seller that amazes me with his/her skills, client support and delivery time. A top rated experience, no more, no less.

A top rated experience, for me, means delivery on time and great results. You can’t expect somebody to deliver way before the deadline, that’s not fair and only encourages sellers to make the deadlines ridiculously long so they can always deliver way before. You buy top rated service from top rated sellers. The work should, indeed, be of very high quality. As long as it’s delivered on time and outstanding in quality, it qualifies as a top rated experience in my book.


I must be asking too much then.

I would assume that consistency and real world experience has far more to do with TRS than early deliveries, extras and fireworks.

IMO the concept of TRS speaks to the vetted process. It’s a counter to the enormity of unchecked claims made by every salesperson aiming to score some cash. Sort of a, “These people are who they say and we have proven it,” for working professionals of their chosen field.

Professionals shouldn’t be made to deliver other than what they claim to provide. Being batted around by buyers and offering revisions until you’re worked into a lather is not only counterproductive- but it devalues the market of your particular field.

Hungry sellers do what they have to do to carve out their space. Totally acceptable and part of the game. Established sellers, presumably, have a game plan and stick to their proven methodology.

On the other hand…I’ve played music for 25 years…I spank the pants off entertainers that lack my experience. Will I out perform them every night? Nope.


No, it absolutely isn’t and it was never intended to be.
As far as I know, the TRS badge has nothing to do with the product that is delivered and is based on high volume and ratings and some other stuff. A TRS could be someone who has created a lot of template based logos for $5 each. Are they the best logo designer on the site? Nope, but they are highly rated for the service that they offer which is cheap, template based logos. If you need a high quality original logo then no, that seller is not a good choice.

As for deadlines, with low rates on Fiverr, every order and hour counts. I would say I deliver I high number of orders quite close to the deadline. Why? Because most buyers want their order as soon as possible and that is the soonest I could get it done. Need it sooner? No problem, pay my extra fast fee to compensate me for having to extend my workday for your benefit and I will do so. If not, then you will get the order before the delivery time.


If you expect a TRS (which, almost by definition, will have a TON of orders and his delivery schedule based on that) to deliver way before his deadline, you are, indeed, asking too much. Delivery times are calculated by the sellers taking into account not only the time needed to do the work itself but also the possibility of having multiple orders at once. They will naturally deliver some of those orders way before, and others just in time. It’s the way it is.


Do you need your order delivered as fast as possible? There’s a very easy way to improve your chances: order from a seller with little to no orders. He will get it done faster most of the time, since he really needs the reviews and the money, and your order is not competing with other orders. Simple.

Also, don’t forget about this simple law of business:
There’s fast
There’s good
There’s cheap.

If you get two of those, you’re already lucky. Don’t expect to get 3.


I believe you are focusing only on one point of my message, the timing, and I mentioned more things than delivering beforehand.

Did you look at the sellers portfolio, gig description, etc.? Or did you just see the Top Rated badge and ignored everything else? I find it quite easy to tell which sellers are gonna deliver and those who will not just based on 5 minutes of conversation. And you’re right that I’m focusing on that timing comment - just the entitlement of saying something like that makes you a buyer I do not wish to work with. Sounds like too much hassle.

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As I said, I’ve purchased 600 gigs on Fiverr, so I am a bit familiar whith portfolios, gigs descriptions and so on.

BTW, I am a seller too, just to make it clear. 1275 orders completed so far. I’ve never asked a seller for more than I ask to myself towards my clients.


Have you tried non-TRS sellers?

If you have, then ‘Disappointed with sellers’ might have been a better title. :wink:

May I remind you this part of my initial message?

Oh I’m sorry - do you have something against TRS sellers in particular?

I’m not one - I’m level 2 BTW.

Just basically this:

As this forum is open to discuss your Fiverr Experience, I thought it could be interesting to express what I think about the subject.

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Well, TRS does stand for “Top Rated Seller”, therefore I don’t see any guarantees of getting the best gig for the money - the only guarantee you get are the high ratings of such a seller, thus the quality that so many others have considered to be worth their money, but it doesn’t mean it will be worth your money, too. Their money may have been well spent, so it all depends on each client’s demands and degree of expectations.

Sometimes it’s really hard to please and satisfy every client from every corner of the world, with every type of perceptions and conceptions and cultural backgrounds, with people understanding value in different ways based on their financial status, etc.

Here’s some food for thought:

Trying to please everybody is impossible - if you did that, you’d end up in the middle with nobody liking you. You’ve just got to make the decision about what you think is your best, and do it.”

– John Lennon


Here is a quote from Woofy31

Trying to be dear to every sir is impossible

I got to do it. :stuck_out_tongue: