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Disappointed with some Top Rated Sellers

You, sir, are incapable of making a decent joke…
But seriously, sorry thought you were actually so conceited.

Glad to think that you though that me being the best seller on the whole platform wasn’t a joke :smiley:


I thought you were so conceited to believe that.

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Lol, that place has already been taken. :sunglasses:


LOL :joy: Some really funny exchanges on this thread :laughing:

TRS are human too [heck, we are all human, so let’s be humane to each other!]…I am currently doing an order with 31 2000-word articles. Will probably be late, but the articles are of a great quality. I work 14-16 hours a day and do my best. Can’t do more.


I couldn’t put this better myself. I set my delivery times so I can generally complete each order a couple of days before its due, given all of my other commitments. You want to pay my $30 rush fee - great, you get to jump the queue. Otherwise, I will get to your work in reasonable time and deliver it as stated in the gig.