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Disappointed with web developer

Hey folks, currently very disappointed with a current web developer. Promised a lot in his application to our request (one page landing) and to date has delivered very poor, unchecked work. We supplied a very comprehensive pdf which he seems not to be checking. He does not use illustrator so required us to send individual elements. It also appears he is outsourcing the dev which is incredibly frustrating and slow.

He was by no means the cheapest application.

Is this common on this site? We want to only deal with freelancers who are actually doing the work.


If you have proof of this and your seller does not explicitly say in their gig that they outsource their work, I would suggest that you contact Fiverr customer service. Tell them that you hired a developer based on what you believed to be their own abilities/credentials, and were at no point informed that your work would be outsourced. Then ask that our order is canceled and refunded on this basis.

If I were to hire a web developer, I would not at all be happy with that developer outsourcing. After all, you are taking time to select the best person for a job, only for them to farm work out cheaper to people you don;t know from Adam.

While it doesn’t work in every case, you should always scroll to the bottom of seller profile pages before placing an order. Under their reviews, look for “Reviews as a Buyer.” If you see lots of these from other Fiverr sellers offering similar services, they are outsourcing work and should (in my opinion) be avoided.


Question for you: if the order is cancelled, can we still review them?

Our thought at moment is to cut our losses and use what we can of their work. We are very much wanting to review them so that other buyers can see.


No. If you cancel an order you can not leave a review. :frowning: - Good on you though for wanting to warn others.

If you just need to build a one page website, you might want to look at investing in a theme pack for WordPress called OceanWP and drag and drop page builders like Elementor. It could save you a lot of money hunting for designers. You can also build a pretty decent landing page in a few days once you get the hang of things.

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To be transparent, I am a dev with over 20 years of experience. Recently left a large agency I started.

At the moment doing smaller web jobs and looking for external contractors to help out when I’m too busy. Basically 8 hours+ of web dev does not appeal!! :wink:

To date have had two articles written and one illustration done on here. All three were excellent.

The horror! You outsourced and were outsourced! :wink:

Just to be clear, I wasn’t attacking people who outsource to Fiverr, just Fiverr sellers who outsource themselves. I mean, you can’t outsource forever.

Articles are easy to get right on Fiverr. You just make sure to never order from anyone who isn’t me. I also have a lot of NZ clients, including one of NZ’s biggest cryptocurrency exchanges. - Just thought I’d add a bit shameless self promotion in there. :wink:


If you work with Wordpress then I’m very keen to add you to our list :slight_smile:

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No, sorry. Whenever I dabble with WordPress, the Internet itself starts audibly crying. :frowning:


If you want to review them and use some of their work, you can’t cancel (you’re not allowed to use any of their work if you cancel, and you won’t be able to leave a review, either).

If you cancel, you might be able to leave a private feedback (it won’t be visible on the seller’s profile, but Fiverr staff will see it, and if buyers often complain about that seller, he’ll get banned sooner or later). Also, every cancellation hurts seller’s ranking and might make them lose their level (this happens even if it wasn’t the seller’s fault).

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Thanks for that. We did end up cancelling - figure we can spend amount with another legit gig. We also sent a pretty comprehensive pm outlining our frustrations.

Oh that was you!!


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