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I was so excited to be able to get a mascot for my business. I reviewed the artist and looked at their previous work so chose them and spent about 60 bucks. Then a week later I get something amateurish at best. I gave the artist examples of what I like and what I didn’t like. I gave them color schemes, I gave them an idea of the type of character/mascot I’d like and then three days later I get another amateurish image with a logo attached that was horrendous.

I am done giving feedback. The person doesn’t have the skills to complete the task.

I am disappointed with Fiverr. It goes back to the adage you get what you pay for.

It also goes back to the adage “Buyer Beware.” You can get quality work on Fiverr, especially when you are willing to expand your budget (as you are) and offer examples (which you did.) Graphic design is a tough on here, granted, since people think it will be good enough to put up gig images from logos they found on Google and then use logo generating software for the client. That wouldn’t be so bad if they advertised it that way.

The way to find a better deal on Fiverr is by doing your homework first. Look at sellers that have large numbers of sales and great reviews. Then look at their recent deliveries and make sure they are active. After that, contact a few by messages and give them a brief synopsis of what you want and see how they respond. You don’t want to overload someone with 20 questions, but see if they are quick enough to meet your needs, professional with their replies and able to communicate with in a language you know. Buy a sample for $5 and see if you like the basics.

When you’ve done those things you should have narrowed the field down to some sellers that might be worth spending extra on to get more for what is still a bargain deal at less than a hundred bucks. If none of them work, you are probably looking for something that would cost hundreds elsewhere and you might have to look off-Fiverr.

I believe fonthaunt said it all.

I’m sorry you had a bad experience, but there are so many good sellers here at Fiverr,

in many cases you can get really good stuff done even for the basic $5 gig.

I hope you don’t give up on Fiverr just yet, try looking around for other sellers! :smiley:

I am sorry that you had a poor experience. Unfortunately on Fiverr there are poor designers mixed in with the great designers. I myself provide services on Fiverr that are 20% of what I charge clients elsewhere. I encourage you to not judge all of Fiverr by just a few poor designers. I hope you find a better designer for your mascott. listen to foxhaunt’s and zeus777’s advice