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Disappointed :(


I’m a seller here on Fiverr but occasionally I buy some gigs. I got disappointed not once, not twice… but thrice! So I decided it’s time for this to go to the ranting pot. (I am talking about three different sellers.)

What is it with these sellers claiming they are from a certain country and claiming they can speak English. (I did not contact them beforehand, I assumed they spoke good English since their gigs are about writing… and their profile said they did speak ENGLISH. And only English…) They delivered to me poorly written articles on the topic I asked them to write about… (These articles are for my friend’s blog)… Maybe they are from that country but I’m pretty sure they don’t speak good English!!

Lol, this time I’m gonna buy from people with levels and good reviews… The three sellers I bought from did not have any reviews in their gigs…one had a few good reviews…but all three were sellers with no levels (I did this originally to give these new sellers a chance to level up. I know how hard it is starting out…)

Right now I’m fed up with buying from people with no levels… LOL. If you are from a certain country can you just be proud that you are from there (if you are doing that thing where you can change your country… IDK much about that so that’s how I’m going to describe it.) and offer something you can actually deliver.

okay thanks. I’m feeling a lot better now that I have ranted. :slight_smile: :smiley:


In this case, since you have been burned before, you might consider contacting sellers beforehand. While I’d prefer if a buyer just placed an order, instead of contacting me first, if you’re concerned about whether or not that seller has the skills, in this case language skills, to do what you need to do, there’s probably more harm in not contacting than there is in contacting.


Sorry to hear that! I agree with @emasonwrites that contacting the seller ahead of time is probably a good idea. That should at least reveal any major language problems. You’re also right that looking for sellers with established reputations will help you to get better results more consistently. I’m sure there are some great new sellers around though! Everyone has to start somewhere, and talented new sellers might offer better deals as they work to gain traction. It is a bit riskier for buyers though.

Unfortunately, some sellers who don’t have the skills they advertise will copy the gig description of a successful gig in their category. That way it looks like they’re great at writing, when in reality they’ve just copied someone else’s work. If you’re suspicious, you could try a quick Google search of some of their gig description. If you find a more established Fiverr gig with the same description, you might want to steer clear.

Good luck in the future!


Just because someone says they live in that country doesn’t necessarily mean they are native of the country or even if they are that doesn’t mean everyone who was born and raised in the USA has good grammar or writing skills.

For writing gigs, it’s always a good idea to contact a seller beforehand to get an idea of their writing style.

Also, keep in mind that many sellers will hire someone to polish up their gig descriptions.

But I am surprised after the 1st gig you bought you didn’t decide to contact the seller beforehand just kept buying.


p.s. - don’t be surprised though that there are some sellers with LEvels who will turn over not so great written work as well. I think they get by because the people ordering do not speak English so they think it’s fine.

Another issue is price, for $5 you may not get a long originally written article.


I have had sellers contact me to learn my “secrets” (it’s not that great, I was born in the UK so I have native English fluency plus apparently my writing isn’t too shabby). If I’m in a good mood, I’ll write them off a profile. It takes me 5 minutes and it’s fun. I do say to them “even if you use this, your own English will betray you.”

They never listen…for a writing project, I’d always talk to them beforehand to get a feel for their English skills. No offence to non- native speakers, but I’m not hiring you if your English is shit. If it’s a graphic design project or something where language isn’t so important, that’s fine.


ahh yes! I’m also a seller - and have bought a few gigs here on fiverr and have been very disappointed as well. I was giving new people a chance - and got burned a few times too. Guess I’ll have to look for the TRS or Level 2s! But hey - someone (a bunch of people) took a chance on me - and that’s how I got to Level 2… as well as providing excellent customer service!

thanks for posting the rant here - it does feel good knowing I wasn’t the only one who has gotten burned more than twice!


Reply to @emasonwrites: Yes, that is good point you just raised there emason… Maybe I just didn’t have the time when I made those orders… Well, it was a lesson learned the hard way. Haha. =)


Reply to @sincere18: Yes, thank you so much for your input! It was really just a lesson learned the hard way… I did buy these gigs in a similar time frame though like around…one day apart from each other. Haha! Oh well, the past is past.


Reply to @mhwoolz: I thought so! I really did get fooled by their gig description. Thank you so much! I will have to be more careful the next time around. It was a waste of time…and a lesson learned the hard way! haha.


Reply to @emmaki: Hi emma! I find a lot of your posts around the forum amusing. You are very witty and you know how to put your skills into good use. :slight_smile:

Haha, you are right. The next time around… I’ll have to contact the seller beforehand to get a grip on their skills… Oh well, we all have to rant and move on at some point! Lesson learned for me! Hihi.


Reply to @paintedsquare: Exactly! I know how it feels when you’re just starting out, that’s why I thought of buying from new sellers to help them out. But I just got burned too badly that I don’t want to waste my time on them at the moment… haha!