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Hi there !
I’m very disappointed with Fiverr due to an issue on my account.
I Invited a friend of mine to partecipate Fiverr and Fiverr team what did instead of thanking me? They have locked my profile !!!
I asked about the reason and Fiverr team wrote me that I created multiple accounts, but it’s false !
I think that they checked IP address used to login but it’s incorrect and wrong: I share my Internet line with my friend because he lives in the my same home but in a different room (we rent an house togheter).
The incident is not related to promo “invite a friend” because my friend bought services for over 20$ so if I were him I would receive the same the bonus.
I lost nothing when they locked of my profile, but IMHO this isn’t the right way to approach with their customers and so I want inform you about this event.
Disappointed :frowning:

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That is not allowed on the site, sorry!

Dear, what isn’t allowed?

What you did.

I’m sorry, but I don’t understand your replies.
What I did ? I have explained that I did nothing of wrong.
Can you check your version please?

I like share with you the reply received by Fiverr customer support just some minutes ago.
I’m happy for this, but my friend is still locked/reviewed: I hope for a fast fix for him too.

Hi Pinus,

Thank you for contacting us and bringing this to our attention. Everything is fine on your account as well on your end and we’re sorry for the inconvenience this caused you,

Hope this was helpful. We are here if you need any further assistance.

If two people in the same household are both using fiverr with separate accounts you can notify customer support of this. As long as the two people are posting gigs in different categories it should be ok.

You have your account so everything is ok for you now.

My partner wants to create an account to buy things totally unrelated to anything I sell but customer support give different responses depending on who you get. When we approached customer support to tell them we were going to have two accounts in the same household the first 2 people were ‘Nope, no way. You can’t do that. Not allowed’. The third person was fine and said it’s okay. But what if my partner sets up his account & then we get reviewed by the 2 thirds of customer support who are unreasonable? Especially as it’s guilty until proven innocent on Fiverr.

Anyway, my partner’s going to wait until I next take a Fiverr vacation. I’ll take all my funds out of Fiverr and my partner can set up and start using his account, then we’ll see. Hopefully by the time Fiverr suspends both of our accounts we’ll have enough evidence that the two accounts are completely separate and there’s no illicit activity.

I agree with fiverr the check of illegal activites.
But, why isn’t possible to get more accounts with the same household? Where is it written?
Last year i lived in a guesthouse with other 20 people that I didn’t know, but sharing with them the same wifi line: in your opinion I should ask to each of them if were fiverr users?

If your partner just wants to buy and it’s unrelated to what you sell, it’s a lot easier just to use the account you have to do it and he or she can pay you directly. Getting approval for 2 accounts in one household is something to be done with great care and is normally for 2 people who want to sell different kinds of gigs but live in the same house. I would suggest you don’t try it for what you are describing.

What is in writing is that you cannot have multiple accounts, and to Fiverr, that means no more than one account on one IP address.

Yes, they do make exceptions if you approach them in advance and prove that you are two (or more) people with separate identification and separate payment accounts. (You also cannot share a PayPal or Payoneer account.) The people must also sell gigs that are not similar and cannot buy from each other. It can certainly be done and many people have done it successfully but with careful arrangement only.

The question I have about IP addresses is this;
One internet account can have multiple totally separate users with separate homegroups. Think of hotels, or apartment houses where all share a common internet service, but each apartment has set up their own connections with separate modems.

Exactly, I meant that.
In my opinion, this approach is wrong, because there are many reasons where this can happen and check only IP location is too restricted.
Finally, my friend who I invited has been banned from fiverr and now I made a bad impress with him due to Fiverr.

Dont worry about that. You can still prove with your IDs