Disappointing experience (Processing Fee)



I wanted to express my disappointment in an order that was cancelled. A seller was overbooked, and after telling me once to that they needed two more days, they ultimately cancelled my order after a week. They said they were way too busy to complete my order. My order was something creative, and I realize that creativity takes time, so I’m not too disappointed there.

What I am disappointed by is Fiverr keeping the processing fee. The order was $30 with a $1.50 processing fee. I read that Fiverr charges those fees to offset the cost of the payment provider. I get it. It’s fine when the order works. That being said, I feel like I was charged $1.50 for doing nothing but using the site as it was intended. I’m out $1.50 because the seller couldn’t fulfill the order.

Yes, it’s just $1.50, but even if it was 5 cents or $500, it doesn’t feel right to be charged (any amount), and then have my order cancelled. My experience thus far is logging in, waiting, being charged $1.50, and receiving nothing.


Do consider that the processing fee won’t be charged again if you use your refund on another order.
It is a shame that the seller let you down. If you didn’t this time, consider sending a message to the seller before ordering as if they are busy then they should tell you from there.


In my first little over a month experience as a Fiverr seller, I have been very blessed in that every buyer has messaged me before placing an order. It makes the whole experience all that more professional.


That is not a blessing, that is a curse. I designed all my gigs to get orders ASAP. Whenever I’m asked what I do, how long, for how much, it bothers me to no end.

If I need you to speed up and secure my website, why should I message you? What’s the point?

Messaging is a waste of my time. For example, let’s say I have a question about Office 365. You have a gig for that. I order my gig, ask my question, you deliver in 2-days, we both save time.

But if I message you, how do I know you’ll get back to me? What’s in it for you? What if you ignore me? It’s just too stressful!

In that situation, I just order from another seller.