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Disappointing fiverr experience as a new buyer

firstly I want to say that my first request went flawlessly and put me in touch with a fantastic person

however on my 2nd and 3rd requests the process has been frustrating

on the 2nd one, my request was unapproved, I could not work out why. I created a support ticket and after a few days they told me that the request had been approved as was live on the site. the reason was it was initially unapproved was not shared to me

on the 3rd one, it was unapproved again, again I could not work out why. I followed the same process and was told that it had been reviewed and approved however nearly 5 days later it is showing as unapproved still, again I am still none the wiser as to why it was unapproved in the first place

I think fiverr is a fantastic service but it is frustrating from my perspective regarding communication


Share the request so we can try and see where the issue was. At times a single word could make the request not get approved


thanks for the reply,

I assume its automated so its just picking up on keywords, and it may just be something that I’m not interpreting correctly. I dont believe that it is breaching any of the rules for a request

"I would like a mod creating for ark that can unlock engrams/tekgrams automatically at a specified level

I would like to be able to specify each engram and what level to unlock them at within a config file, with any grouping that you feel would benefit (eg unlock all tekgrams at level 105 etc)


was the 3rd request

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I assume this is like a cheat for a game. those kind of requests will always be denied. Game developers don’t support them and if fiverr allowed it they would be breaking another company’s tos


I agree 100%

The support system is way to slow to make it an attraktive option for me as a buyer.
Additional, Idk why and I am also working as a Seller, the quality of offers I get is way worse than compared to other platforms.

What I would personally like to see is some form of quality control such that all the “I can do everything, I fully understood your requirements”-people go away as their almost every time fail to deliver the work that is expected of them.

Its almost always a waste of my time…


Customer support is worse. They reply after 10 days and then you msg them after their initial reply then again they will take another 10 days to reply you back. That’s why they have created this forum discussion part to save some money by little hiring at their customer support personnel end.

what do you want to buy how can i help you ?

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this is a mod for a game, it is within the games TOS and the modding community for Ark is as large as say minecraft or any similar

Fiverr already has sellers advertising services for exactly this thing

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It might be either a case of the system triggered by some words or a human moderator playing it safe, because they do not know if modding is allowed for the particular game.
I would try contacting customer support about it, it might take days for them to reply though.

And as a general advice, to get the most out of your fiverr experience as a buyer, it is best to use the search option to find sellers best fit for your projects, rather than use buyer request. The way fiverr operates is a bit different comparing to other freelance platforms, so BR section is where less experienced sellers hang out, the best sellers you might find around here normally don’t even check the requests.
There are some “hidden gem” types of newbies or seasoned sellers with extra free time on their hands replying to BR, sure, and it seems like you already found one, but overall your chances of finding great sellers would be higher, if you just take some time to browse search results and handpick a few matches.

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thanks for the advice

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Ok that’s enough. I warned you.

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Fiverr doesn’t let you break the terms of other services. I don’t see why any game developer would be ok with you doing this.

its not breaking any TOS in the game, thats why I am unclear about this

Okay i can understand your concern, sometimes the keywords trigger a response by the system. I frankly have no idea what your requirement is (like couldn’t even comprehend what was written ahead of mod cuz i am not a gamer) but if you feel it is not infringing upon someone’s/game developer’s rights and is not acting in violation of any other service’s rules then you can still achieve best results on fiverr, all you have to do is instead of putting up buyer request, search the appropriate buyers through the search bar, use keywords to search them and shortlist a few potential buyers based on their reviews and prices and communicate with them and select the one that fits your needs perfectly. Hope it helps.

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Unlocking automatically at a certain level?

You’re asking for a way to game that system instead of unlocking the way it is set to do. Of course that isn’t allowed. You’re manipulating a system and cheating at the same time.

I play Ark, the way it works is if you play online, mods apply on all players on the server. So no cheating here, since it will be the same for all players on the server. So yes this kind of mods is allowed by the game developers. You can find mods that automatically unlock all engrams at level one directly on the game workshop on steam. Maybe Fiverr don’t make exception, but Wildcard don’t care. They even feature mods and some have now become part of the vanilla game. So as a player myself I don’t see anything wrong with what he requested, there is plenty of similar mods like that already.


Hey, hope you are doing well!

Firstly, your request may have some words that the automated filter pointed out and unapproved your requests.

What I’ll suggest you in this situation is to go ahead on and try to search the services you are in need of. You’ll see various sellers in the search results whom you can contact directly and individually. You can see their rating out of 5 stars, how many reviews they already have etc. This will help you get the best seller!

Hope it helps you out!
Thanks a lot

Thanks for explaining.

But that’s a mod doing that, not someone paying for it to be done and like over 100 all at once. It’s the paying for someone to do it that doesn’t look right.

I don’t see why Fiverr would allow that. It isn’t consistent with what they want sold here. It may be allowed by the game but it is a manipulation of a game and Fiverr probably finds that risky to participate in.


Paying for custom mods is not uncommon. Depending on the mod it can take a lot of skills and work to get it done. Some mods are so complex they takes years to complete. So I don’t see anything suspicious there. But there is so many games out there, that it’s very possible that Fiverr just play it safe, they can’t know how every games works.


i mean, as long as you own a copy of the game, you’re not trying to steal anything (such as a micro transaction) and it only effects you or your privet server, then why not?